The Drudgeon reviews Jack Frost

Jack Frost 89 min., 1998
Written by Mark Steven Johnson/Steve BloomJonathan Roberts/Jeff Cesario
Directed by Troy Miller
Language: English
My rating: ★

I don’t know why this is considered horror; it’s much more a family movie.

* * *

So Jack Frost (Michael Keaton) is married to Gabby (Kelly Preston) and has a son, Charlie (Joseph Michael Cross), but Jack is usually more concerned with his band, the Jack Frost Band, than his family.  Well Charlie is going to have a hockey game, but instead of going there, Jack decides to go and perform with his band because it can make his band famous.  Once he gets there he realizes that he is being stupid and borrows his friend’s car.  While driving back he crashes and dies.  We jump forward a year and everyone is sad.  Charlie builds a snowman and right before bed plays a harmonica that Jack gave him.  That’s when the snowman comes alive with the “spirit” of Jack.  Jack tries to fix all the stupid things he did and make amends for being an ass.

As far as the acting goes, it’s just okay.  Michael Keaton is pretty good, even if most of his role is just voice acting.  He’s believable and usually quite entertaining to hear.  On the other hand we have Joseph Michael Cross who can’t act to save his life.  Most of his lines are overacted or without any real emotions.  The rest of the cast is also just okay.

The major effects haven’t stood up so well.  The snowman effects really show their age and looks really sloppy.  I realize that most CG effects start to look bad after a few years, but this one is pretty darn crappy.  The rest of the effects are very minor, but at the same time pretty good.  Not showing as much age as the CG, they look fine.

Now comes my major question.  Why is this considered horror?  There is nothing in here to make it horror.  Even the car crash is pathetic.  I mean as a family film this is pretty good.  Jack learns his lesson that family is the most important thing and you shouldn’t put a band (especially one as crappy as his, the Jack Frost Band…really?) before your family.  But how does that really fit into the horror genre?  As a family movie I’d give it a 2.  It’s an average movie with high points and flaws, but as a horror movie I’d give it a skull.  No horror to be found!  BOOOOO!

Wait…What…WHAT!!!!  This isn’t the Jack Frost I was supposed to review.  Goddamn fucking Webmonster!!!!

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  1. Lackey says:

    You don’t think Michael Keaton as a living snowman counts as horror?

  2. John Bruni says:

    Somehow, I think I enjoyed this review much more than I would have the JACK FROST you were supposed to review . . . .

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