The Drudgeon reviews Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster

Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monsteraka San Daikaijû – Chikyû Saidai No Kessen (Original Title)
92 min., 1964
Written by Shin’ichi Sekizawa
Directed by Ishirô Honda
Language: Japanese
My rating: ★★★

Has the true “king” entered the building?

* * *

The movie begins with Princess Selina (Akiko Wakabayashi) going to visit Japan; waiting in Japan is Detective Shindo (Yosuke Natsuki) who is assigned to protect her while she is there.  While en route her plane is blown up, but before that Selina is “contacted” by some strange voices and told to get off the plane, she does right before it explodes.  While all this is going on a meteor falls to earth and the group that goes to investigate find that it has a strong magnetic pull.  Selina is found, but she now says that she is from Mars and that there is trouble in the near future, Rodan is coming back as is Godzilla.  Both happen with Rodan appearing from the Mt. Aso crater (which is where he was buried at the end of the movie Rodan) and Godzilla does appear from the sea.  The two monsters clash with each other until the meteor cracks open (it’s actually an egg) and King Ghidorah appears.  Mothra goes to Godzilla and Rodan and tries to get them to fight Ghidorah, but they basically tell her to fuck off and continue to fight, but after seeing Mothra try and take on Ghidorah alone, they put their differences aside and team up to take on Ghidorah.

Again the acting has taken a step in the right direction.  They are, again, taking the material a lot more serious and there is less of a comedic feel to the whole thing. While the overall story is kinda silly, they are playing it completely straight.  When you look at most movies and their stories, they are pretty silly and unbelievable, but they are played serious and it’s about time that the Godzilla series started down that path.

The effects are even better than the last outing.  The monster battles are getting even better and more advanced.  Every once and a while it does look like two rubber toys being shoved against each other over and over, but other than that the effects are a move forward.  The battle between the four monsters is just great.  One on one monster battles are awesome, but three against one is even better and what better monster to fight than King Ghidorah.  A three headed golden “dragon” with wings versus a caterpillar, a flying lizard and a dinosaur.  Strange battle but soooooo much fun to watch.

A whole lot of fun!  It takes a while to get to the actual monsters (which is what most fans are just waiting for) but it’s well worth the wait.  When they clash it’s just great.  To outsiders this isn’t all that good though.  The effects are better than the previous efforts, but at the same time most non-Godzilla fans will laugh at the effects.  The movie gets four stars from me for Godzilla fans, but for non-fans it only gets a one.

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