The Drudgeon reviews Jack Frost 2 – Revenge Of The Mutant Killer Snowman

Jack Frost 2 - Revenge Of The Mutant Killer Snowmanaka Jack Frost II
91 min., 2000
Written by Michael Cooney
Directed by Michael Cooney
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Jack’s back!!!…with babies????

* * *

It’s been one year since the events that happened in the first movie (the actual one that I was supposed to watch, not the one that I did watch) and Sam (Chris Allport) is talking to a therapist about what happened, but he (and his staff) is finding it really funny.  So Sam decides to go with his wife Anne (Eileen Seeley) to a remote island resort, because Marla (Marsha Clark) and Joe (Chip Heller) are going to get married and this is their party before the date.  They get there and meet Colonel Hickering (Ray Cooney) who runs the place, with Bobby (Tai Bennett) and Captain Fun (Sean Patrick Murphy).  While this is going on, the FBI digs up Jack (well, the anti-freeze) and starts to experiment with it.  Jack (again voiced by Scott MacDonald) ends up getting woken up by a cup of coffee being knocked into the anti-freeze.  He heads to kill Sam and anyone else that gets in his way.

Everyone is back and they still do a great job.  Extremely funny, but at the same time they are really believable.  The only original cast member that doesn’t return is Stephen Mendel who played Agent Manners, but is taken over by David Allen Brooks.  The best part is that they explain this by saying that he had a bunch of surgeries to fix what Jack did last movie.  Great cover guys!  Scott MacDonald is great as Jack, witty, silly and a whole lot of one-liners that are just fun.  Throughout the movie he sounds extremely evil while at the same time sounding like a child playing in the sandbox, just awesome.  My other favorite is Sean Patrick Murphy who plays Captain Fun.  He is the overly obnoxious person that is always “happy” and most people know someone just like that and you just want to strangle him after laughing at how funny he does the character.

The effects are no different than the first, being no better and no worse.  The thing is that the effects work on all levels.  If the snowman was CG or made to look “realistic” then it would just fail, but because the movie is all about fun the goofy effects actually make the movie even more entertaining.

Fun is the name of the game and this movie has it in spades.  The acting is fun (especially Captain Fun) and the dialogue is just hilarious.  The effects are cheesy but, again, it completely works in their favor.  A giant ice anvil and killer baby snowballs…what can be better?  If you liked the first one, then you will love this one, but if the first was not up your alley, then you won’t find anything new or different this time around.

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