The Drudgeon reviews Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster

Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monsteraka Gojira, Ebirâ, Mosura – Nankai No Daiketto (Original Title)
83 min., 1966
Written by Shin’ichi Sekizawa
Directed by Jun Fukuda
Language: Japanese
My rating: ★

A giant lobster and a dance contest!!!  The horror!!!

* * *

There is a boat floating along which is suddenly attacked and sunk by something unknown.  We then switch to Ryota Kane (Tooru Watanabe) who is trying to figure out where his brother went missing (at sea), and he decides to try and get a boat so he can go looking for him.  How does he get a boat?  That’s right.  He enters a dance contest with his two friends, Ichino (Choutarou Tougin) and Nita (Hideo Sunazuka), because the prize is a boat.  They lose and decide to just “borrow” someone else’s boat.  They find a boat and climb aboard, but are confronted by the boat’s owner, Yoshimura (Akira Takarada), who finally says they can spend the night, but next morning they have to leave.  They wake to find that Ryota has taken the boat to sea, which makes Yoshimura pissed, but they also find out that Yoshimura isn’t the owner but a bank robber.  A storm causes them to run ashore on an island, which is controlled by Red Bamboo, an organization who controls a giant lobster named Ebirah, which keeps a bunch of slaves on the island.  They then find Godzilla sleeping in a cave.  Then they hatch a plan to help everyone.

The acting has gone downhill in this one.  No one is taking this shit seriously and it really shows.  Tooru is trying too hard and then he turns around and doesn’t try at all.  The same is with everyone else.  All of them are just going through the motions and show either too much emotion or none at all.  It sucks because the last few movies have really started to show vast improvements, especially in the acting department, but this is a full two steps back.

The effects are actually a step in the right direction.  They are a little better with Ebirah looking really good (although he reminded me more of a crayfish than a lobster) and Godzilla moving a whole lot smoother.  Their fight is really good and full of action, with the models looking great as they are destroyed underneath them.  Mothra shows up and is again just a beautiful looking monster (I just wish I had a stuffed animal version of it…that would be sooooo cool).

One reason that I was not a fan of this movie is because this was actually written for a King Kong sequel.  There are quite a few things that they have Godzilla doing that just aren’t him.  Falling for a female is probably the biggest problem that I have with this.  Kong has always had a thing for the ladies, but Godzilla has never looked twice at a pretty girl (no matter how hot she may be), so having him do that (and other things) really took me out of the scenes when they were happening.  Other than that, it’s still a pretty bad movie.  Avoid this one…unless you want to watch the MST3K episode, then watch the hell out of it ‘cause it’s awesome.

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