The Drudgeon reviews Population/436

Population/436aka Population 436
92 min., 2006
Written by Michael Kingston
Directed by Michelle MacLaren
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

A movie that isn’t really good, but isn’t really bad…it’s just.

* * *

So we have Steve Kady (Jeremy Sisto), who is from Chicago, a man who works for the Census Bureau trying to find the town of Rockwell Falls.  When he stops at a gas station no one gives him help with the directions, hell no one even talks to him after he mentions the name Rockwell Falls.  When he finally finds the street (it seems he just makes an educated guess) he ends up getting two flat tires once he crosses the border of the town.  He then sees a girl riding a horse, which we later find out her name, is Courtney Lovett (Charlotte Sullivan), and then one of the town’s Deputies shows up to “help” him, which we also learn later that he is Bobby Caine (Fred Durst).  Once in town he starts to meet a bunch of odd people and he starts to learn that the town’s population has almost always been 436 (hey it’s the name of the movie!).  As his investigation (more like snooping) grows, so does his relationship with Courtney, much to the dislike of Bobby.

I’ve always enjoyed Jeremy Sisto in anything that he’s been in and this is no exception.  He really does a great job and I just wonder why he hasn’t gone any further.  It’s a shame.  Charlotte Sullivan does a good job and she works really well with Jeremy.  They have a very good chemistry together, which really shows through.  The big surprise was Fred Durst, playing Deputy Bobby.  When I first saw his name in the credits, I giggled a bit to myself and wondered whose idea it was to get him into this movie, and I pretty much wrote him off as one of the many rock stars/rappers that want to show off their acting chops while not being able to read any lines to save their lives.  Let’s not forget the atrocities that came from Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Gene Simmons, DMX and Snoop Dogg (and just smoking a joint doesn’t count as acting).  But he stands tall and shows that he is actually a pretty darn good actor.  Nothing great, but he doesn’t fail the way that others (especially the ones mentioned above) have.

As far as the effects of the movie are concerned, there weren’t that many to speak of, at least none that really stick out in my memory.  Not that the effects were necessarily bad, but there were none that stuck out as terrible…except maybe the CG fire.  It’s noticeable but nothing too terrible to knock it down.

In the end the movie is actually good.  Nothing great, but at the same time nothing terrible.  The main problem is that there is nothing that really stands out and makes this a movie to recommend.  The only thing that was really surprising was Fred Durst, but then again if it were any other actor I wouldn’t think twice about how good or bad he was, because in a normal actor’s hands it wouldn’t come off as anything special, just a normal performance.  So I really leave this up to you.  Do you want to see Fred act or not?  That’s where your choice really lies.

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