The Drudgeon reviews Son Of Godzilla

Son Of Godzillaaka Kaijûtô No Kessen – Gojira No Musuko (Original Title)
84 min., 1967
Written by Shin’ichi Sekizawa/Kazue Shiba
Directed by Jun Fukuda
Language: Japanese
My rating: ★★

New monsters and Godzilla’s adopted son, Minilla!

* * *

On an island there are a bunch of scientists doing some weather control experiments when all of a sudden…Godzilla appears and eats them all…oh wait, it’s just a reporter, Goro (Akira Kubo) parachuting from the sky.  He wants to watch what’s going on but tells them that he saw a girl on the island.  The scientists don’t care and continue anyway.  It goes wrong and a bunch of radioactive stuff is released causing some of the island insects to grow really large.  Three praying mantises (called Gimantis) and a spider (called Spiga) start to wreak havoc on the island until the girl that Goro was talking about comes and helps them to escape.  What is also discovered is a giant egg that hatches revealing a little monster named Minilla.  The Gimantis and Spiga start to mess with Minilla until Godzilla comes out of the water and kicks the crap out of them. Then Godzilla starts to teach Minilla how to fight and blow smoke rings to defend himself.

The acting is okay in the movie.  The only real stand out is Akira Kubo (that’s why I only mentioned his name and no one else), who plays the part extremely well.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s not Oscar gold or anything like that, but he comes off believable enough to buy his performance.

The fight scenes are also just okay.  The fight between Godzilla, Gimantis and Spiga is a blast to watch and really shows how far they’ve come.  At the same time it still comes off as kinda silly.  Then again it’s hard to watch men in rubber suits and not get a good chuckle out of it.  Minilla is an interesting new monster that brings out the parenting side of Godzilla.  Along with the story of parenting, the Godzilla suit has also changed a bit to show a kinder and gentler side.  His eyes are more pronounced and he even seems to smile while working with Minilla with is fun to see.

The whole point of watching this movie is for the monster fighting.  This one does deliver and it’s a whole lot of fun to watch.  The actual story involving the humans is okay, but after a little while you are just waiting for Godzilla and the other monsters to appear and the craziness begins.  Gimantis is a great new monster, but Spiga is just an amazing monster to see.  It’s one of the more believable monsters to behold.  To the modern audience he will still look silly, but in the world of Godzilla movies he is top notch at the time that the movie came out.  Just awesome.  To a Godzilla fan this would be a two, but to a non-fan it’s only a one.

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  1. Kwik says:

    as i am a fan of godzilla, i usually just accept the foam rubber suits and enjoy the wild swinging and buildings crashing down lol

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