The Drudgeon reviews Brain Twisters

Brain Twisters 92 min., 1991
Written by Jerry Sangiuliano
Directed by Jerry Sangiuliano
Language: English
My rating: ★

“I’m coming, mother!”

* * *

At a university we have Dr. Phillip Rothman (Terry Londeree) who is a professor at the school and he is also working on a “game” (or something like that) and it seems to have an adverse reaction.  We then meet Denise (Heather Ann Barclay) and her boyfriend Ted (Shura McComb) as their night together is coming to an end.  Ted wants more but Denise wants to wait a little longer.  She goes into her apartment and is getting ready when she is attacked and hung.  We meet Detective Frank Turi (Joe Lombardo) who is on the scene and goes to visit Ted with his new interest and friend of Denise, Laurie (Farrah R. Forke).   After informing and asking a very distraught Ted, he flips out and jumps out the window (Ted that is).  Detective Frank connects everything together and suspects Phillip Rothman so he goes and gets a court order and that ends up solving everything.

So what can I say about the acting in this movie?  Well for starters, it was terrible.  I mean just terrible.  No one could act to save their lives and most of the time they are all “acting” as if they just stepped off of a high school stage play.  They force their lines out like they’re constipated or the lines just fall out of their mouths like they have diarrhea of the mouth (thank you Jori).  Just an all around bad job with everyone involved in the stupidity.

Overall the effects of the movie are very simple.  I mean, there are no big gore scenes or anything like that.  The only real effects that are there are the ones on the computer screens.  Most of them are very Atari (2600 that is) looking, but that’s just fine because I wasn’t expecting anything better overall.  Then again it was ’93 and I probably should be expecting something more than Atari (it was released in ’77 after all), but if there was better effects I really don’t think it would help the movie in any way.  So enjoy the flashback to the computer effects of days long gone.

Everything about the movie has pretty painful holes.  The dialogue is just pathetic and very amateur.  You have the detective talking to Ted about his girlfriend that was just murdered and he didn’t expect him to flip out, especially after accusing him of doing it.  I think it’s pretty understandable to get flustered and even pissed after being verbally attacked about something like that.  Then there is the back and forth between Frank and Laurie, which I don’t understand how a romantic relationship formed between them with the moronic way that they talked to each other.  Then there is all the dialogue about court orders.  Court orders seem to play a huge part in this movie and I just don’t understand how or why they are so important and brought up so much.  Brain hurts…stop movie now…must kill entire cast and crew of this movie…

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