The Drudgeon reviews Ringu 2

Ringu 2 95 min., 1999
Written by Hiroshi Takahashi
Directed by Hideo Nakata
Language: Japanese
My rating: ★

Stop ignoring the good sequels with crap sequels.

* * *

It’s a little after the events of Ringu and a man named Takaishi (Yoichi Numata) is asked to check a body to see if he can identify it as Sadako Yamamura.  He doesn’t even have to look and he tells them to cremate her and do whatever with the ashes.  We then switch to Mai Takano (Miki Nakatani) who was the assistant to Ryūji (Hiroyuki Sanada), the father from Ringu, and her trying to deal with what happened in the first movie.  We also meet a reporter, Okazaki (Yurei Yanagi) who is digging into the phenomenon of the cursed videotape and he is even looking for a copy himself.  Mai and Okazaki decide to go and visit Masami Kurahashi (Yurei Yanagi), who was the girl in the beginning of the first movie that saw her friend die at Sadako’s “hands”.  She is now in a mental hospital and is terrified to even be around TVs.  Trying to figure out more they also meet Dr. Kawajiri (Fumiyo Kohinato) who has been working at the mental hospital and has kept his eye you Masami because when her picture was taken there was a strange shape that keeps appearing, not the blurred faces but it’s the “towel-headed man” from the cursed video and he thinks he can help her…with water…

The acting in the movie is very stiff.  Miki Nakatani is an actor that doesn’t know how to show emotion, but when she tries it just comes off as a big joke.  Then we have Yurei Yanagi who is almost as lame, but luckily he’s not on screen for all that long.  Everyone else is just as stale and boring to watch.  After about a half an hour I just didn’t care what happened to any of them, I just wanted to learn more about Sadako and the tape, but sadly there isn’t really any of that to be found.

Like the previous movies, the effects of the movie are used very sparingly.  There are more effects but most of the time it deals with stuff on a TV so it doesn’t feel really out of place.  The effects that take place in the “real world” are okay as well, with nothing really sticking out as terrible, but at the same time nothing is great.  There are a few which are pretty neat, but that’s about it.

It happens again where they make a movie and it does great, but the sequel doesn’t do so well (even though it furthers the plot), they get the bright idea to make a new sequel that erases the last one and goes down a different path.  I’ve complained about it before so I won’t bitch too much about it this time (even though it pisses me off to no end).  Rasen goes down a path that makes the story less supernatural, but apparently the people behind the series thought that we needed more psychic people in the Ringu world.  In this one everyone seems to have some level of psychic abilities, which really takes away from the feel of the first one, which only had Ryūji as the psychic link.  But now it’s everyone.  Speaking of everyone, in Ringu the story of the cursed videotape was only whispered about, Reiko and Ryūji had to do a whole bunch of searching and guesswork (along with a lot of luck) to figure out about what went on.  But in Ringu 2 everyone seems to know the whole story, back to front.  It also seems that everyone knows about the tape and it seems that they all have seen it.  They talk about Mai like she saw it in Ringu, but I don’t remember that ever coming up, and then they are saying that Masami also saw it but she only saw the killing not the actual tape.  I don’t get it.  Tapes are being spread around like crazy even though there was only the one tape in Ringu.  What the hell happened?  At least in Rasen there was a good explanation about how the “virus” is being spread, but this one just ignores anything that was introduced in Ringu.

While watching this movie with Jori, she said something about the movie that fits perfectly about how I feel about it.  “It’s like there was a room of people that were saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if…’ and they decided to cram it all into one movie.”  That’s the exact tone of the movie and there is no reason to even check this out.

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