The Drudgeon reviews All Monsters Attack

All Monsters Attackaka Gojira-Minira-Gabara – Oru Kaijû Daishingeki (Original Title)
70 min., 1969
Written by Shin’ichi Sekizawa
Directed by Ishirô Honda
Language: Japanese
My rating: ★★

The stuff of a child’s dream.

* * *

So, a “gang” of kids are bullying little Ichiro (Tomonori Yazaki) pretty much every day after school, and even when he gets away, his painful childhood can’t get a break because when he gets home, it’s pretty much always completely empty.  You see his parents work a whole lot and Ichiro is very lonely at home.  Being bullied and having no one to really turn to, he escapes to an abandoned warehouse and into his own imagination.  Unknown to Ichiro, the warehouse is also being used as a base for two thieves and Ichiro doesn’t know what to do.  But, in his dreams he becomes best friends with Minilla and learns that a bully named Gabara is also tormenting Minilla.  After Gabara beats up Minilla again, he goes to Godzilla who starts to teach him to stand up for himself and he learns how to defend himself.  Ichiro takes what he learned by watching Godzilla teach Minilla and uses it in his own life and stands up to his bully and helps to catch the two thieves.

Tomonori Yazaki is pretty good as a child that is so lonely that the only place he feels truly at home is in his own mind.  He pulls it off and you do feel pretty bad for him.

So the movie, or a least all of the scenes with monsters, only takes place in Ichiro’s imagination.  So this is a very different type of Godzilla film.  Godzilla plays the parental figure and not the main role.  It focuses on Minilla and Ichiro and their dealing with life and the crap that’s thrown their way.  Both are bullied, which has happened to almost all kids at some point in their life, and they have to learn to stand up for themselves.  Minilla learns with help from his “dad”, Godzilla, but Ichiro has only his imagination to learn from (lucky for him his imagination is awesome).  Some kids have a parental figure to look up to (like Minilla), while others only have themselves to rely on (like Ichiro) and the movie shows the strength that one can pull from within to stand up to a bully.  This movie carries a very good message, but at the same time it’s a very sad message.  Kids are alone and have no one but themselves, so lets take some time and actually spend some time with them, they can really use your help.

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