The Drudgeon reviews Bulong

Bulong 106 min., 2011
Written by Chito S. Roño/Roy Iglesias
Directed by Chito S. Roño
Language: Tagalog
My rating: ★★★

An unbalanced horror/comedy, but it’s still entertaining.

* * *

Conan (Vhong Navarro) is a nurse that happens to be in love with fellow nurse Ellen (Bangs Garcia) who is always being nice to him, but she is already with Dr. Randy (Jon Avila).  Lucky for Conan, his hunchback cousin Simon (Ruben Gonzaga) has a great idea.  There is a belief that if you whisper a wish to a recently deceased person (and we also find out that they can’t have been deaf), the wish will come true.  So the hunt begins to find someone who has just died and to finally get the affection of Ellen that he has been longing for.  His longtime friend Oprah (Angelica Panganiban) tries to help out, but nothing seems to be working, that is until Lola Paula (Angie Fero) is hit by a car in front of Conan and he is finally able to whisper his wish.  After the wish and Ellen is all over him he is suddenly being haunted by the spirit of Lola Paula, so now he must find out why he is being haunted and how to stop it.

The acting is really good in the movie.  Vhong Navarro is phenomenal as Conan.  He plays the comedy role perfectly, with is voice, body movement and facial expressions he really draws you in and makes you laugh every time.  Angelica Panganiban is also great playing the bitchy friend who is actually really trying to help.  She can be cute and bitchy at the same time, especially when she is waving around that knife in the beginning.  Cute but dangerous and kinda hot.

The effects are pretty good overall, but when they use the over the top CG at the end, it just really doesn’t work.  Throughout the movie the effects are really good and are done in a very playful way, and the minor CG that is used works well.  The half human, half centipede “thing” is really a cool concept and as long as it stays only a shadow it works extremely well, The Exorcist throwing up scene is a blast as is the “haunting” in the bathroom.

The main problem with the movie is the inability to balance the comedy and horror.  The comedy is funny and the horror (for the most part) can be creepy, but they never mix well together in the movie.  Then there is a problem with the comedy being too drawn out.  After a few minutes you just get bored with what’s going on and are waiting for it to shift scenes.  Towards the middle that problem seems to go away, but in the beginning it gets really annoying.  The other problem is with the CG.  It’s pretty darn laughable, and not in a good way.  When it’s used in moderation it works really well, but at the end when the CG goes nuts, it really is terrible.  All of that aside you actually have an overall entertaining movie that will have you laughing and then jumping.  Then you toss in the winks to other horror movies and you really have a good time.

*A special thank you to Weno Bautista for the request and a copy of the movie itself!

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