The Drudgeon reviews Dark Reel

Dark Reel 108 min., 2008
Written by Josh Eisenstadt/Aaron Pope
Directed by Josh Eisenstadt
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

A movie that should be bad, but is actually a real pleasure to watch.

* * *

Scarlett May (Alexandra Holden) is in a bar when a man approaches her and proceeds to offer her an acting job.  He takes her to a screen test and then attacks and cuts off her limbs.  We then jump to modern day where Adam Waltz (Edward Furlong) is contemplating about signing up for a contest to win a walk on role in the new Connor Pritchett (Lance Henriksen) film.  After calling his ex-girlfriend and her rejecting him again, he decides to sign up.  Lo and behold he ends up winning the role on the movie, Pirate Wench, which stars one of his favorite actresses, Cassie Blue (Tiffany Shepis).  All is going fine until people start dying off and Adam starts to see Scarlett May in some strange places.  Detectives LaRue (Rena Riffel) and Shields (Tony Todd) are on the case and are determined to bring down the killer.  But who can the killer be?

This was a movie that I thought I was going to hate.  After seeing Edward Furlong in Intermedio and how terrible (that’s putting it nicely) he was, with Lance not being so good (again I’m being nice) in The Pit And The Pendulum and then we have Tiffany Shepis who was in Scarecrow (need I say more), I was terrified of what the hell I was getting myself into.  But I was surprised by how much fun the movie was.  It’s a movie where the cast and crew are just having a good time and not taking themselves too seriously.  Edward Furlong actually does a pretty good job in the movie.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s nothing great but he plays the part just good enough.  Lance Henriksen has taken the role and decided to just let go and have a fun time.  When he is hyperventilating in a paper bag to relax or talking about working on the next crap movie, you can tell that he is having a great time.  The surprise for me was Matt Bushell.  He is a blast as the sound guy (listed in the credits as Bandana Man), with him getting overly ecstatic after every shot, because the sound was perfect.  Just a ton of fun whenever he’s on screen.

The effects are actually pretty good.  Again they are nothing special, but they get the point across in a very fun way.  Seeing someone beat to death with their own arm is always a good time.

This was a movie that I was almost afraid to watch, but I was surprised.  Sometimes after watching some great (or at least good) actors doing some crappy work and then having them all tossed into the same movie, the worries start to fly.  This movie proves that there are still some fun movies out there that don’t have to be parodies or joke-a-second movies.  It has a very laid back attitude about it and while watching it you get the same feel and you just want to let go and enjoy what you’re watching.  Take some time out and watch this one, it’s worth it.

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