The Drudgeon reviews Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla

Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzillaaka Gojira Tai Mekagojira (Original Title)
84 min., 1974
Written by Jun Fukuda/Masami Fukushima/Shin’ichi Sekizawa/Hiroyasu Yamamura
Directed by Jun Fukuda
Language: Japanese
My rating: ★★★

NEW MONSTER ALERT!!!!  King Caesar has entered the building!

* * *

While exploring a new cave, Keisuke Shimizu (Masaaki Daimon) and his brother Masahiko Shimizu (Kazuya Aoyama) find some strange metal and a statue that looks a lot like a lion.  They take it to Saeko Kanagusuku (Reiko Tajima) because she is able to translate the little lion statue.  Saeko and Keisuke decide to take the lion statue to someone else to get some more answers.  While they are doing that, Masahiko has found out that the metal is actually Space Titanium.  A little later an earthquake hits and Godzilla appears (about time).  Anguirus shows up and Godzilla starts to kick the shit out of him.  WAIT!  WHAT?!  Aren’t they supposed to be friends?  After a little time Anguirus rips a bit of skin off of Godzilla and it reveals that he is actually a robot (sigh of relief).  It’s found that to stop (the now called) Mechagodzilla they need to revive King Caesar and the only way to do that is with the lion statue.

The acting is really good in this one (well for the most part) with Masaaki Daimon and Reiko Tajima having great chemistry and Kazuya Aoyama seeming to have fun with his role.  Unlike the last movie, this cast is having fun with their roles but they are also taking it serious enough to make the characters believable.

The effects have gotten a push since last movie.  The laser effects are actually a little better and the fighting seems a little more fluid.  The Godzilla (Mechagodzilla) and Anguirus fight is really well done, then later they toss in King Caesar and the real Godzilla and then the fighting gets even better.  The monsters are moving a lot easier and more realistically (as realistic as men in rubber suits can get) making it a lot more fun to watch.  Godzilla and Anguirus are looking better this time around as well, with their costumes seeming less bulky and more form fitting.  The model effects are also really great.

One of the best things about this movie compared to the last is the cast, with actors that are actually really good.  The monster effects are a little better as is the fighting.  The other really great thing about the movie is the Godzilla (Mechagodzilla) and Anguirus fight, because up until now (for the most part) Godzilla has been on the side of Earth and protecting it.  Now all of a sudden he is back and ready to destroy again.  Anguirus has been his ally in a few fights before and then Godzilla just attacks him.  You are taken aback and wondering what is going on.  What is wrong with Godzilla?  Is he back to his nasty self? Ad if he is, why?  It’s a confusing moment for fans of the series (especially if you have been watching them in order), and then there is a huge sigh of relief when it’s revealed that it’s not actually him, but a robot “disguised” as him.  It’s a good twist that wasn’t expected.  This is a fun movie that can actually be enjoyed by non-Godzilla fans, and not just the diehards.

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  1. Kwik says:

    I am a godzilla fan.. so Im biased…and have seen this like 173 times lol… but this one is one of my faves … right below Godzilla vs. Megalon… cuz Jet Jaguar rules! :p

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