The Drudgeon reviews Jack-O

Jack-Oaka Jacko, Jack O’Lantern
98 min., 1995
Written by Brad Linaweaver/Patrick Moran/Fred Olen Ray
Directed by Steve Latshaw
Language: English
My rating: ★

The perfect late-night-drink-fest-MSTy movie.

* * *

Young Sean Kelly (Ryan Latshaw) is walking home with two of his “friends” when they tell him about the pumpkin man that comes around on Halloween and kills people.  They see a car pull up and the boy tells Sean that the driver is a witch and she is looking for kids to kill.  Sean tries to stop him from throwing rocks at her car and gets into a fight.  The woman from the car, Vivian Machen (Catherine Walsh), comes over, helps Sean and walks him home.  We meet Sean’s dad David (Gary Doles) who is in the process of setting up the haunted garage for Halloween.  Sean’s mom, Linda (Maddisen K. Krown) gets home from shopping and agrees that Vivian can help.  The next day, Halloween night, Carolyn Miller (Linnea Quigley) comes over to baby-sit Sean and take him trick or treating.  While they are out, three teens end up waking Jack-O, an evil spirit that was summoned years ago to kill the Kelly family, but was put to sleep.  Now he’s awake and the only one that can stop him might be little Sean.

The acting in this movie is really, really terrible.  Everyone (except Linnea Quigley) comes off as completely amateur and they aren’t engaging at all.  Linnea Quigley is the only one that does a good job and I think that is mainly because everyone else is so bad that she comes off great.  For the most part the acting is a big joke and that’s kinda what makes this movie so much fun.  You will groan and you will probably cry a bit from the bad acting but you will also laugh (sometimes uncontrollably) and have some fun with the acting.

The effects are also really bad, but it also looked like there was no budget.  So when they try to do some over-the-top effects, they just fail, but then again, when they do the more minor effects, well…they still fail.  The effects are just really bad, as much as I do like the look of Jack-O he still looks like crap.  In fact the whole movie just has a cheap and uncaring feel to it.  There are other movies that take a little extra time and make most things feel a little bit more real, but these guys seem to ignore most of the minor things and that is more annoying than bad.

There are movies that you watch where it’s so bad that it’s fun, but after about a half an hour you still end up getting bored.  This one is different because you are just wondering just how bad is it really going to get.  Boredom will seep in, but that’s only at the hour mark and then you are done.  So grab some drinks, get wasted and laugh your ass off.  Just watch out for Maddisen K. Krown’s eyes they are funny as hell (bulging like they are about to pop out of her skull when she is scared, happy, concerned or just sitting around), but they can also cause nightmares.  Overall a skull, but for shits and giggles it’s a 3.

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