The Drudgeon reviews Thriller – A Cruel Picture

Thriller - A Cruel Pictureaka Thriller – En Grym Film (Original Title), They Call Her One Eye
107 min., 1973
Written by Bo A Vibenius)/Alex Fridolinski
Directed by Alex Fridolinski
Language: Swedish
My rating: ★★★★

Extreme slow motion with Christina Lindberg, need I say more.

* * *

Young Madeleine is playing in the park when she meets a man.  The man ends up raping her and from that point on she refuses to talk.  Years later Madeline (Christina Lindberg) is working on her parents’ farm and is going to be going to the city.  She misses the bus and gets picked up by a man named Tony (Heinz Hopf).  He takes her out to dinner and then back to his place.  While there, Tony drugs her.  She wakes up a few days later and is told by Tony that she is now addicted to heroin and that she will die in two days if she doesn’t get her daily fix.  He will supply her with heroin in return for her to be his prostitute.  After scratching a man’s face and getting her eye cut out with a scalpel she finally gives in, but she has other plans to get out of this terrible predicament.

The best part of this movie is Christina Lindberg.  She does such a good job, it’s almost creepy, with her having no voice and still being able to show all of the emotions that she goes through with just her eyes and body movements is just amazing.  Her eyes are just beautiful and so full of emotion.  You know exactly what’s going on in her mind just by looking into her eyes, and that’s hard for even the best actor to pull off, but she does it without a single problem.  Heinz Hopf plays a great villain, with him being scummy and slimy down to the last second.

The effects of the movie are actually pretty good.  Sometimes they fall flat and look a little silly, but as a whole they work.  The shotgun blasts look good and the eyeball scene is fucking awesome.

I love this movie!  I have since the day I first saw it and it just keeps getting better every time I see it.  Other people on the other hand don’t seem to like it as much as I do.  I think I know why.  For one, there are full penetration scenes.  They hold nothing back during the sex scenes and it’s almost more like watching a porno than an actual movie.  Most people don’t expect that in a “regular” film and I think it will shock most who don’t know that it’s coming (and no that isn’t Christina Lindberg doing the penetration scenes).  There are a few scenes where it goes in slow motion.  When I say slow motion, I really mean sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow motion.  Almost every time she shoots or beats someone it jumps to slow motion and it seems to take about five minutes of the shot to hit.  I can understand why people have a problem with it, but I love it.  When she is kicking the crap out of two cops and she punches one of them and a mouthful of blood goes flying across the screen in slow motion, it just looks beautiful to me.  I think the action scenes that are in slow motion are more of an art form than anything else.  Action scenes are “supposed” to be fast paced and quick, so by them making it extremely slow I can see why people would get annoyed.  In the end though, I’d have to say it’s great.

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One Response to The Drudgeon reviews Thriller – A Cruel Picture

  1. Lackey says:

    When she is kicking the crap out of two cops and she punches one of them and a mouthful of blood goes flying across the screen in slow motion, it just looks beautiful to me.

    My big complaint with the slo-mo sequences, and I mentioned it in my review, is that (to me) most of the time the characters look like they’re just standing around waiting with stupid looks on their faces, waiting for Madeline to kill them. The racetrack sequence is probably the best example of that.

    I thought the most successful slo-mo sequence was the one with the cops, and I just figured out why: Madeline’s actually in the shot with them (she has to be, because it’s a hand-to-hand fight), so we get some context for what’s going on. If the other sequences had been done in long shot with Madeline in the frame, I might have been able to buy the characters’ reactions better because I’d have a much better grasp on everything that was going on in that space.

    That being said, there was a certain amount of tension going on in those scenes, waiting for the bullet to hit. It’s just that tension eventually turned to impatience.

    It should also be noted that gun battles are very quick, much quicker than hand-to-hand fights–most gun battles are over in a matter of mere seconds. In real time, the attack at the racetrack couldn’t have lasted more than a couple of minutes.

    Action scenes are “supposed” to be fast paced and quick…

    Action scenes are “supposed” to be fast-paced and quick because they’re also “supposed” to be exciting. Very few people I know are excited about things that move very slowly.

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