The Drudgeon reviews The Gore Gore Girls

The Gore Gore Girlsaka Blood Orgy
81 min., 1972
Written by Alan J. Dachman
Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

This is why Herschell Gordon Lewis is the Godfather of Gore!!!

* * *

The movie starts with Suzie Cream Puff (Jackie Kroeger) looking in a mirror, when someone approaches her and starts to slam her face into the mirror over and over again.  When then switch to a man by the name of Abraham Gentry (Frank Kress), who happens to be a great detective, sitting and reading the paper.  There is a knock at the door and it’s a reporter who works for the Globe.  Her name is Nancy Weston (Amy Farrell) and she is offering Abraham 50,000 dollars to help solve the murder, as long as the Globe gets the exclusive story.  He finally agrees and starts on the case, but the killer has a thing for strippers and has killed again.  Can Abraham solve the murders before every stripper is killed?

The only thing I’m going to bring up about the acting (besides it being pretty bad) is that the character of Abraham Gentry is the precursor to Dr. Gregory House.  He is completely full of himself and treats everyone like shit.  They don’t really even give a shit if someone dies or not, as long as they are proven right in the end.  He even has a goddamn cane.  It’s kinda creepy how they are very similar.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of House M.D. and there might be fans that will argue with this, but from everything I’ve been told and everything I’ve ever heard of the show, they are very similar.

This is the kind of movie you can really enjoy, if you just let yourself go.  Yes the acting is pretty terrible and the effects are pretty crude, but that is part of the fun of the whole movie.  For one this is a movie where these tactics weren’t done yet.  So when the killer is ripping apart one of the strippers’ faces and messing with the insides, the effects crew had nothing to look back at and they had to come up with ideas on how to do something completely new.  They do a really good job, and even looking at some of the more modern movies, The Gore Gore Girls still beats some of them, not just in gore, but overall originality.  Nowadays we have an unending stream of remakes, zombie and vampire movies.  This was a good plot and a great ending, as crude as the whole production may have been it was still original and truly enjoyable to watch.  How often do you get to see a woman get her ass tenderized and then have salt and pepper sprinkled on them, or the nipples that get snipped and squirt some milk into glasses, you just don’t see shit like that anymore.  Truly an original.  This is also a really good starting point for anyone who is interested in getting into Mr. Lewis.  It’s not as silly as some of his previous efforts (as much as I love them) and it’s one of the better-shot movies that he’s done.  I can understand why most will probably laugh at the story, acting and effects, but if you can just relax, you will find a really fun movie.  Me I’d give it a 4 in a heartbeat, but the 2 is for the overall horror populace.

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4 Responses to The Drudgeon reviews The Gore Gore Girls

  1. John Bruni says:

    I’m glad Something Weird is keeping movies like this alive. Ever see their release of THE PICK UP? It’s enough to give Tarentino a five-roper in his pants.

  2. John Bruni says:

    Your comment about HOUSE stuck with me through yesterday, and I found myself wondering about the nature of characters like him. You know, someone who is supremely good at something, which is why people tolerate his bad behavior. How far could someone like that go? Would people be so accepting of him if he was, for example, a pedophile?

    • Lackey says:

      Gregory House is usually stated to be based on Sherlock Holmes; I’m not too familiar with pop-culture depictions of Holmes, but from what I’ve read of Doyle, Holmes can be a bit dickish but nowhere near as much as House.

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