The Drudgeon reviews Flight Of The Living Dead – Outbreak On A Plane

Flight Of The Living Dead - Outbreak On A Planeaka Plane Dead (Original Title)
94 min., 2007
Written by Sidney Iwanter/Mark Onspaugh/Scott Thomas
Directed by Scott Thomas
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Just a plane good time!  (Yep, I said it!)

* * *

We have a plane full of people that are coming from LA and going to Paris.  Three of the passengers are scientists that are bringing with them some strange cargo.  Dr. Bennett (Erick Avari), Dr. Sebastian (Cliff Weisman) and Dr. Lucas Thorp (Dale Midkiff) are talking about the cargo and it turns out to be Lucas’ wife, Kelly (Laura Cayouette).  They have been working on bringing dead organs back to life and they think that the jackpot may have been found, but Lucas isn’t happy that it was at the cost of his wife’s life.  The next passengers that we meet are just a terrible as the docs, but in a different way.  We have two couples, Tony (Brian Ames), who seems really nice and Jackie (Ashley Bashioum), the complete bitch.  Then there are their friends Cara (Sara Laine), another seemingly nice one, and Peter (Brian Kolodziej) who seems more interested in throwing around the football (yep, on the plane) than his girlfriend.  There are three stewardesses, Megan (Kristen Kerr) the nice one, Stacy (Mieko Hillman), the saucy one and Emily (Heidi Marnhout) the down to business type.  There is a cop, Truman Burrows (David Chisum) and his prisoner, Frank (Kevin J. O’Connor).  A professional golfer, Billy (Derek Webster) and his wife Anna (Siena Goines) and lastly a TSA man, Paul (Richard Tyson).  All of them are flying along until they hit a storm that causes the cargo to open and for a zombie breakout to happen.  On a FUCKING PLANE!  Nice!

The acting in this movie is all over the place.  From awesome, Kevin J. O’Connor and Derek Webster, to downright terrible, Brian Kolodziej and Siena Goines.  So at every turn you either have someone doing great or someone doing shitty.  Left turn, great acting, another left, terrible, right, great, left, great, left, terrible, right, terrible, etc.  But as a whole it always seems to work.  It’s almost like the terrible acting is done on purpose so you have someone that you just want to die, which they usually do.  The best part of the acting was the interplay between David Chisum and Kevin J. O’Connor.  They were great together, and they are just very fun to watch.

If you take a pretty bad movie from the late 70’s early 80’s and replace the bad make-up and prosthetics with bad CG, then you have the effects of this movie, hell the whole feeling of this movie.  The use of CG is pretty bad especially when they are used to show bullets hitting people.  I mean it’s really bad, like fifth grade bad.  On the other side is the make-up or actual zombies.  They are actually done pretty well.  While they aren’t rotting or anything like that, they look completely great (okay maybe just good).

I really liked this movie.  Why?  Because it’s just fun!  When I started watching it, I was groaning most of the time.  The characters were pretty stupid and they were very unlikable, but once the zombies started coming out, it was just so much fun.  One of the best parts is the hole that gets formed in the floor of the plane.  In one of the aisles the zombies make a hole from the hold and start to pull people down into it.  Seeing someone get dragged down into the hole head first, and then a fountain of blood come streaming out is always fun to watch.  A head explodes, zombies are hit with a golf club, and there is even one that is stabbed with an umbrella in the head (which then opens after going out the other end of the skull, awesome).  A lot of zombie fun to be had, if you can get over the pretty lame opening, but once it gets going you will have a blast!  The ending is really good too.

Award for Best Zombie goes to:  Takashi Masunaga.

SPOILER–This is a man that gets attacked while buckled in, but he never gets unbuckled, so as people are running by he is frantically trying to grab anyone.  The only time he succeeds, the woman gets away unharmed.  Then when a missile hits the plane, he gets sucked out (still buckled in the seat) and you kinda feel bad for the poor zombie who never got a kill.  But then the man flying the jet sees our good ol’ zombie flying at him (still in the seat) and he finally gets his kill.  He takes out the fucking jet!

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