The Drudgeon reviews Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah

Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorahaka Gojira Vs. Kingu Gidorâ (Original Title)
103 min., 1991
Written by Kazuki Ohmori
Directed by Kazuki Ohmori
Language: Japanese
My rating: ★★★

King Ghidorah’s creation and wait for it…we get BOTH forms!  Sometimes life can be great!

* * *

The true beginnings of Godzilla are being written about by Kenichiro Terasawa (Kosuke Toyohara), you see he believes that there is a dinosaur, dubbed Godzillasaurus, that somehow survived and was on an island named Lagos.  A hydrogen bomb was set off on the island and the dinosaur was believed to have been killed. But a little later is when Godzilla first appeared.  Now in the present a UFO lands and we meet a group of aliens that are named the Futurians from the year 2204.  They say that they can stop the creation of Godzilla by traveling back in time and moving the dinosaur.  So a psychic named Miki Saegusa (Megumi Odaka) and Professor Mazaki (Katsuhiko Sasaki) join them.  They get to the past and move the Godzillasaurus, but the aliens drop off three golden bird things called Dorats.  Back in the present Japan is being attacked by King Ghidorah.  The three bird things mutated because of the hydrogen bomb and formed together into King Ghidorah.  The aliens now control him and demand that Japan surrender.  Without Godzilla to help Japan, how can they stop the aliens and the might King!

The acting is a lot better than the last movie.  Megumi Odaka and Anna Nakagawa are both great.  Yoshio Ysuchiya is also really good, granted there are times where he looks bored with what he’s doing but he bounces back and then gives a really good performance.

The king is back (or remade?)!  King Ghidorah looks so frickin’ cool.  He always has, but with the effects update he looks even better.  Just like Biollante, King Ghidorah must be an effects nightmare.  The enormous wings, tail and the three heads must have been pure hell for them, but again they pull it off with no trouble and make the king look phenomenal.  Godzilla is great as always, but they added something a little different to him this time around.  During the scene where he is destroying Japan (probably because he was really pissed for them trying to change who he really is), he ends up killing a man by the name of Yasuaki Shindo (Yoshio Tsuchiya).  You see the Godzillasaurus saved (not really on purpose) a group of Japanese soldiers and they survived to this day.  Their commander was Mr. Shindo.  When Godzilla sees Shindo dead, he actually has a very sad look on his face.  Something that hasn’t been done in a Godzilla film before.  Godzilla seems to actually be sad at the death of someone.  Being able to show sadness in the face of a rubber suit is a great accomplishment, to me.  If you are a Godzilla fan, you will be shocked at this moment, but at the same time very touched because it shows that Godzilla isn’t just some monster, but he has feelings and sometimes he regrets what he has done.

Oh, by the way.  America has a shitfit when this movie came out.  You see, it depicts the Americans as the bad guys, and the Japanese as the good guys.  So how dare they show the USA as the villains?  It doesn’t matter how many times we show the Japanese as villains, as long as the good ol’ USA looks great.  God Americans can be real dicks sometimes!

This movie has a whole lot of time travel, changing the past, present and the future.  In the end it seems that things will always fix themselves in the end.  Especially when it comes to Godzilla.  It seems that the makers of the movies realized that Godzilla could be a bad guy, but sometimes it’s just good to have him save the day.  This is a great example of how to make a time travel movie and a great message if we ever do get the ability to time travel.  Don’t fuck with the past!  You might think that you’re making the present better, but in the end you don’t know how much will be affected, and if you have some aliens with you they will probably use it to try and take over.  So just don’t mess with the past.  Fun movie with a great monster battle and some pretty good acting.  This is a 4 in my book.

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