The Drudgeon reviews The Wind

The Wind 83 min., 2001
Written by James Charbonneau/Michael Mongillo
Directed by Michael Mongillo
Language: English
My rating: ★★

It looks so amateur, but the acting is surprisingly realistic.

* * *

The beginning of the movie has a long speech about the wind and what is coming.  We then meet Clair (Carolyn Camburn) who has called her three friends, Mic (Zeke Rippy), who seems too obsessed with her, John (Scott Parrish), the suave type and Billy (Philipp Karner), the more goofy type, together to tell them about another guy named Bob (James Thalman) who sent her a disturbing card.  Mic goes a little crazy and decides that Bob needs to pay.  The three boys confront Bob on his way home and things get out of hand, with Mic ending up killing Bob.  From there things start to spiral out of control.

The surprising thing about the movie is the acting.  We have Zeke, Scott and Philipp who do a crazy job of acting like they aren’t acting.  Then we have Carolyn who almost always comes off as trying too hard, which is a big problem because she is really the main focus of the movie.  So we have the three male leads that do a great job, but they are all focused around her and having them do good and then tossing her in and her ruining everything really hurts.  Overall the acting is good, but she really kills it.

There are very few effects through out the movie, but what is there is just okay.  Most of the effects are very minor, mainly bruising and a little bit of blood here and there, so when it’s there is good, but every once in a while the effects do fall flat.

Now overall the movie is a big mixed bag.  Great acting (overall) and pretty simple but the affective effects do the movie justice.  The main problem is with the overall plot.  Because there really isn’t that much of one.  Okay there is one, but it is established in the beginning and then we never hear about it again.  It’s talking about the wind and how it has an effect on everything, but then they completely drop it and it turns into an obsession movie.  It really annoyed me with that, because the idea of something being in the wind is actually a pretty cool idea, but then that’s just completely ignored.  So overall the movie is okay.  If you have about two hours of free time and you are willing to take a chance on a movie, this might be up your alley.

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