The Drudgeon reviews Godzilla And Mothra – The Battle For Earth

Godzilla And Mothra - The Battle For Earthaka Gojira Vs. Mosura (Original Title)
102 min., 1992
Written by Kazuki Ohmori
Directed by Takao Okawara
Language: Japanese
My rating: ★★

Mothra returns in great form.

* * *

A meteor hits the ocean with it bringing an egg to the surface.  After this we meet Takuya (Tetsuya Bessho) who is being arrested for stealing an artifact.  His ex-wife, Masako (Satomi Kobayashi) shows up with a man from Marutomo Corp. named Kenji Andoh (Takehiro Murata).  Takuya is asked to go to Infant Island to partake in an expedition.  He agrees and when they get there they meet a pair of tiny women named The Cosmos (Keiko Imamura and Sayaka Osawa).  They talk about two monsters, Mothra and Battra, and that they battled.  Godzilla appears and attacks the egg, which hatches.  Mothra (in larval form) appears and a fight ensues.  Battra next appears and it’s a three-way battle.  After the battle, Andoh steals The Cosmos, and it’s up to Takuya and Masako to save them and stop Mothra from destroying the city, and what is up with Battra?

So we have another group of actors that just don’t seem to care too much about what they are doing, with most of their dialogue being very forced.  Even their body movements seem forced instead of natural.  Then again, the dialogue isn’t all that great to begin with.  The best of the bunch had to be Takehiro Murata.  With his acting, I at least bought most of what he was doing.

Here is where the movie truly shines (as with most Godzilla movies).  Mothra is back and she looks more beautiful than ever.  That’s one thing that has always separated Mothra from the rest.  While most of the other monsters are either gross (Hedorah) or they try to make them cute, but they fail (Minilla), Mothra has always been a very beautiful monster.  In the dust cloud of a fight between monsters, you will always be able to find Mothra, with the vibrant colors and her huge and colorful wings.  On the other side is Battra, just monstrous and mean looking.  He is the complete opposite of Mothra and they make a great combination when they are fighting Godzilla.

By comparison to the rest of the series, this isn’t one of my favorites.  The plot is actually pretty weak and the acting is, sometimes, painful to watch.  The effects are great and the monster battle is awesome, but for the first part of the movie you are just begging for that battle to come.  When it does show up, you (just barely) forget about the bad plot and acting and take in the beauty that is a Godzilla battle.  This one gets a 2 in my book, and that’s really only for the battle.  The battle is spectacular, but it’s not enough to save this movie from the plot and acting.

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