The Drudgeon reviews Funland

Funland 98 min., 1987
Written by Michael A. Simpson/Bonnie Turner/Terry Turner
Directed by Michael A. Simpson
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Completely fun!

* * *

The amusement park known as Funland is where Neil Stickney (David L. Lander) works and he plays the role of the Funland mascot, Bruce Burger.  You see a few years ago Neil was in the accounting department, but he went a little crazy (they keep saying that he lost interest) and he started to believe that he actually was Bruce Burger.  The owner, Angus Perry (William Windom), has always liked Neil (actually I will call him Bruce from this point on, because that is the name that he would prefer to be called), ends up dead one day and a new owner steps in.  His name is Mario DiMauro (Robert Sacchi) and he is your typical businessman that actually knows nothing about family establishments.  One of the first things he is going to do is to get the “real” Bruce Burger into the park and get rid of this Funlands’ Bruce.  Mike Spencer (Bruce Mahler), who has been a friend of Bruce for a while now, is the one that has to break it to Bruce, and he doesn’t take it well.  He has to move into the now, pretty much empty wax museum and this is where Bruce really starts to lose his mind.  Can anyone stop this crazed clown and why is Peter Pepperoni’s voice so freaking creepy?

The best thing about this movie is David L. Lander.  He plays Bruce Burger and his lost of sanity so well, it really is creepy.  The whole movie is a lot of fun and he plays the, for the most part, silly and naïve Bruce with no flaws.  When he is having his conversations with Peter Pepperoni it’s freaking hilarious and then the conversations just start to go down this very creepy path.  His voice for Peter is great, but as he is slowly losing his mind, the voice gets creeper and creeper.  It’s awesome!

Now this movie is actually very kid friendly.  There is no blood and very, very little actual violence.  The two deaths that actually take place are extremely tame.  One takes place off screen and it’s just talked about, the other is very simple and nothing is actually shown.  So anyone can watch this and it’s so worth it.  There are so many times where I was just laughing at the craziness of the scenes (and they are all on purpose) that I just lost count.  There is a scene where a bunch of nuns drive up and yell, “bite the big one”, and right after that three KKK members enter the park, and then it switches to a father praying to god and telling his kids to not have too much fun because that would be a sin.  There are just so many classic scenes and lines of dialogue that I’m surprised that this movie hasn’t gotten more praise.  My favorite is where Bruce is playing cards with the dead Angus, a wax museum man come to life (I’m sure he’s supposed to be someone famous, but his name escapes me) and Peter Pepperoni (who is smoking while playing).  It’s freaking hilarious!

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