The Drudgeon reviews Tokyo Gore Police

Tokyo Gore Policeaka Tôkyô Zankoku Keisatsu (Original Title)
110 min., 2008
Written by Kengo Kaji/Sayako Nakoshi/Yoshihiro Nishimura
Directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura
Language: Japanese
My rating: ★★★★★

Gore is really an understatement!

* * *

Young Ruka (Eihi Shiina) saw her father, a police officer, get his head blown off.  In turn she becomes a police officer as well, but she is in a special division that deals with strange people called Engineers.  You see once these engineers are injured they mutate and grow strange weapons in place of body parts.  The first one we meet has his arm shot off (while holding a chainsaw), and in its place a chainsaw grows.  The fight begins and Ruka take him out with very little trouble.  We then meet the Chief (Yukihide Benny) of the Tokyo Police Force who has been taking care of Ruka since her father died.  He seems a little crazy especially since he has a little “pet” human who has no forearms or lower legs.  Ruka goes looking for another engineer and they fight.  She cuts him across the face, which he rips off.  He now has gun barrels for eyes and starts firing strange things at her.  She is out matched and he then inserts a strange key into her.  What will the best engineer killer do when she is turned into one herself?

The acting in the movie is pretty good.  The point of this movie is to be over the top and everyone does great with that.  The only one that wasn’t over the top was Eihi Shiina, but she is the only character that wasn’t supposed to be over the top.  It works, with everyone else going ballistic she is the only ray of sanity and even she has that gleam in her eye that her sanity was about to break, which it eventually does.  My favorite was Ikuko Sawada who played Ruka’s only friend and is only listed as Independent Bar Owner.  She is a caring mother figure that can throw down when the shit goes down.  She is a blast to watch.

The effects are great!  Well they are actually pretty lame, but again that’s kinda the point.  It’s really hard to have headed exploding, legs that are jaws, an arm that is a retractable razor or a dick that shoots “bullets” and have the effects look “good”.  They look silly, but at the same time it completely works.  If they did a more realistic look, then it would have been really stupid.  So the effects are kinda lame, but at the same it’s so much fun to watch.

This is a blast of a movie.  Everything is so crazy and so over the top that it’s hard to not have a good time.  The only real complaint that I have is that there are quite a few scenes where they tend to linger too long.  It’s great to see showers of blood that put Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi (combined) to shame, but sometimes you need to switch to a different scene after a few minutes to move the movie along.  That is the only complaint that I actually have.  This is an anime come to live action and it’s great!

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  1. Kwik says:

    I never even saw that you did this movie… I’m glad you liked it, it was some good over the top gore paired with some not horrible fighting scenes… good times!

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