Blick Tolkien reviews The Walking Dead – Episode 005 – Wildfire

The Walking Dead - Episode 005 - Wildfire45 min., 2010
Written by Glen Mazzara
Directed by Ernest Dickerson
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Warning! May cause tears or vomiting.

* * *

Show Premise: Sheriff Rick Grimes wakes from a coma and struggles to find his family and any survivors in a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world. He attempts to lead his family and survivors to the CDC in search of a cure.

Warning: The following review is rated SABMT (Sad Ass Black Man Talking), it contains several scenes of emotionally evocative imagery and situations, life or death decisions and tearful interactions. The views expressed here are not those of a compassionate man and may deem callus. They are being presented by a person of African-American descent who has grown up without a clear understanding of the purpose of a hug, refuses to emote even when alone and thinks public displays of affection are tools of the devil to enable the government to spy on 2 people at once using GPS devices or drone spy planes to better asses terrorist threats from sleeper cells. Reader, child, elf, lesbian and general chick flick lovers discretion is advised.

Review: Break out the Kleenex and the violins ladies and gents, this one is the tearjerker episode. It starts in the aftermath of several camp members getting nommed on including but not limited to Andrea’s sister, Amy and Carol’s abusive husband, Ed. Complaining about this particular episode would have the same effect as a normal person objecting to the Patriot Act during the Bush administration. All folks wanna do is point at you and say, “If you don’t like it, then you ain’t a real American.” If I say anything against this episode, like it taking forever for Amy to come back as a zombie or something, I’d seem like a heartless dick bag. In all honesty, the pacing for this show has been off a little in my opinion from the first episode until now. These let us get to know the character conversations and would be tense dramatic pauses seem to stretch for unnecessary periods of time. This is the one episode where they make these obvious moral judgments and allow a person to grieve yet want to keep a respectful distance from the would be zombie actually seems appropriate.

Andrea attempts to cradle her sister and nearly every camp member in turn, with the exception of Darryl the typical redneck whom obviously has no need fer feelins that is queer, comes to pay their respects and convince her to let them take the “ticking time bomb” of Amy’s corpse off her hands. Rick being the last one to make that attempt gets a gun shoved in his face and reminder that she now has the safety off. Darryl and the rest of the crew continue gathering bodies until Glen reminds them of the distinction between the walkers and one of their own. Apparently it’s okay to burn actually zombies but friends bitten by zombies deserve a proper burial. Dale recounts his story on how he lost his wife and reminds Andrea that she and Amy were the only things he’s grown to care about since then.

During the disposal of their friends and enemies corpses they find out Jim was bitten and make the decision to take him to the CDC at Rick’s insistence. Shane instead wants to go to Fort Bennett which is 100 miles in the opposite direction. Darryl in the meantime states the obvious and unspoken opinion that somebody oughta shoot him since they all know how this ends. They mount up and after Rick leaves a note for Morgan they head off in search of a cure. Halfway there, Jim gets so bad off that he asks them to leave him behind and just continue on. After a bunch of tearful goodbyes, they leave Jim under a tree and head on down the road.

At the CDC, there is a scientist who accidentally destroyed the last sample of this zombie virus. I’m sure this is due to a lack of sleep and the fact that he seems to be the only one left alive inside. Rick and company show up right when the CDC guy is feeling completely morose, getting plastered, and planning how he will off himself the next day. When they find the CDC locked down, Rick makes and impassioned plea to open the door, Shane accidentally on purpose says I told you so, and just as they give up hope, miracle of miracles the door pops open.

Overall I have to say, pretty awesome episode, anti-climactic ending, and lot more focus on the struggle as opposed to making this a zombie survival action flick. I’ve got no complaints overall other than the ones mentioned above and the predictability of how the episode would end once we got a look at someone living in the CDC. I’ll be back with the season finale pretty soon so I hope you all enjoyed this review and my all your films bring fright.

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