The Drudgeon reviews Santa Claws

Santa Clawsaka ‘Tis The Season
83 min., 1996
Written by John Russo
Directed by John Russo
Language: English
My rating: ★

They didn’t even try so neither will I!

* * *

The movie begins with a little boy waking up on Christmas Eve and walking in on his mother making out with a man.  The man states that he loves her as much as the boy’s dad did, and the mother said that she needs to be happy.  The boy got a gun from the drawer and opens fire.  We jump forward and the boy, Wayne (Grant Kramer), is now grown up and he is still not well in the head.  Raven Quinn (Debbie Rochon) is one of the most popular female scream queens and Wayne is completely obsessed with her.  He fantasizes about her (after receiving a bust of her) and he starts to really lose his shit.  He decides that she is his and only his and that he will take out anyone that is trying to take her away.

Holy crap the acting is terrible in this movie.  In low budget movies that I watch, I never expect to find the best acting, but at the same time I do expect to see them trying.  The problem is that no one here is even trying.  It’s like all the actors just didn’t seem to be into their roles and it really shows.  Debbie Rochon has never been a phenomenal actress, but she is almost always enjoyable to watch.  She always seems to be trying to do her best, but this time it’s more like she is just sleeping through it instead of acting.  It’s really just sad.

The effects of the movie are just really painful to see.  They are below the amateur level.  I’ve seen backyard home movies with more convincing effects than this piece of junk.  Again it’s liked no one really cared about what they were doing.

What this movie comes down to is a total lack of anything.  The characters are horribly acted, the effects are pathetic and the overall story is pretty sad.  Another problem that the movie has is the overall feel of it.  Everything just feels very rushed.  Lines are screwed up (a few times) and I just wonder if they didn’t have the time to do a re-shoot, or maybe they just didn’t care enough to redo it.  Actually that’s the best way to say it.  Everyone just didn’t seem to care about what they were doing.  Ignore this one at all costs.

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