The Drudgeon reviews Bloody New Year

Bloody New Yearaka Horror Hotel
90 min., 1987
Written by Frazer Pearce/Hayden Pearce/Norman J. Warren
Directed by Norman J. Warren
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

What?!  Awesome!  I think?  Yep awesome!

* * *

We start with a party that’s taking place on new years in 1959.  After the party is over a girl is looking in a mirror until she is grabbed from the mirror and pulled in.  We then switch to “modern” day where five friends are at a carnival.  We have Janet (Nikki Brooks) and her boyfriend Rick (Mark Powley), Lesley (Suzy Aitchison) and her boyfriend Tom (Julian Ronnie) and finally loner Spud (Colin Heywood).  Well Spud is looking for a girl to get with and he ends up seeing a girl getting harassed by two guys on the Tilt-A-Whirl.  He and Rick intervene and a chase scene ensues.  After they escape we jump to them being on a boat and talking.  The boat hits something underwater and they are forced to swim to shore.  Once on shore they find an old hotel that is rundown.  While they are doing a little exploring strange things start happening all through the hotel.  Are they going to be able to leave the hotel alive and what is Janet’s connection to the woman from the beginning of the movie?

Throughout the movie the acting is very…well just okay.  No one really steps up to the plate to perform a great character, then again there weren’t any really interesting characters to be found.  The only one that really does a pretty good job was Nikki Brooks.  She is believable enough and recites her lines with feeling, not a ton, but enough to not fall asleep to, (plus she’s not bad on the eyes either).  So the acting in this movie is exactly what you should expect from a late 80’s slasher film, pretty bland.

Now the effects of the movie are really laughable, and laughable in the sense that they are just that badly done, not bad-on-purpose bad.  One of the worst is the oatmeal-covered woman that appears, it’s just terrible and let’s not forget the killer vacuum cleaner.  Oh boy, the effects were definitely an experience to, well, experience.

Now why did I give this pretty terrible movie three stars?  Sometimes I ask myself that exact same question, but in the end this movie was an insane, off-the-wall and completely fun movie.  Some strange shit happens and everyone just forgets about it about three seconds later (hello, fire in the basement!), people are sucked into walls and there is an exploding soldier.  What more could someone who loves bad movies look for.  This movie is really bad and most should avoid this one, but for those that actually enjoy the bizarre and mind-fuck (and I don’t mean in the Jacob’s Ladder way, but by the end it really does feel like someone stuck a dick into your brain and swirled it around) type of horror movies, this one is perfect for you.  I loved it, then again I am pretty screwed up myself.

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