The Drudgeon reviews Necessary Evil

Necessary Evil 87 min., 2008
Written by Eric Feldman/Christopher James Harvill
Directed by Peter J. Eaton
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

A great movie, except for the protagonists.

* * *

The movie begins with a bunch of soldiers going through some caves and amongst them are Lt. Barro (Danny Trejo) and Captain Frank Sanders (Gary Hudson).  They come to a wall in the cave and as Barro is checking it out, all of a sudden a “monster” comes out and starts attacking the soldiers.  Frank is attacked and in the process his blood is mixed with the monsters and this gives him some godlike powers.  We then jump to Dr. Fibian (Lance Henriksen) at Edgewater Psychiatric Institute who is talking about the monster and where to put it.  We then get a voice over by Fibian talking about how experiments need a proper environment and that those being experimented on can’t know that they are, and this experiment has three phases.  We meet Deborah (Kathryn Fiore) who Dr. Fibian has his eye on and has been watching for a long time for his experiment, but we also meet the thorn in his side, a cop named Alex Russo (Eric Feldman).  The real question is what is real and what does Dr. Fibian need Deborah for?

This is where the movie is pretty bad, okay just two of the actors are bad.  The two “heroes” of the movie are just terrible.  We are supposed to have a tough (now I don’t mean beat-you-up-tough, but that she can handle herself and doesn’t need any help type) and quick with a witty comeback heroine, but instead we end up getting a pathetic loser that can barely recite lines.  Every time she gives one of her comebacks or tries to act witty in any way, you just want to weep a little bit, it’s really that bad and unconvincing.  The other offender is Eric Feldman who plays the tough, never-say-die cop.  The main problem is that when he is supposed to be commanding all he does is yell (and like a three year old at that), and yelling doesn’t mean shit unless you have emotions behind it or at least a little bit of balls, and he has neither.  On the reverse was Lance Henriksen.  He plays this role with a ton of believability, even though most of the dialogue is really sad, he recites every line with the utmost conviction.  He is great (big fucking surprise).  Now Danny Trejo is in the movie and I’ve always been a fan of his work, but sadly he has a very small role, but when he is on screen he is always fun to watch.

The effects of the movie are pretty minor throughout, that is until the ending when the monster makes his full on appearance.  The biggest surprise is that the monster actually looks pretty cool.  Most of the other effects are glowing eyes and a glowing serum; so there isn’t much to talk about when it comes to the use of effects.

Overall this movie is actually pretty good.  The story is good and entertaining enough to have kept me interested to the end and, the two bad actors aside, the acting is pretty good.  Now don’t get me wrong, the ending is actually very predictable but that doesn’t take away from the fun that comes before.  In the end, Lance doing some really strong acting and the good story makes for a good experience if you have some time to spend.  Just don’t forget your popcorn that you SHOULD throw at the screen whenever Kathryn tries to be witty and whenever Mr. Feldman tries to be a strong lead.

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