The Drudgeon reviews Godzilla – Tokyo S.O.S.

Godzilla - Tokyo S.O.S.aka Gojira Tai Mosura Tai Mekagojira – Tôkyô S.O.S. (Original Title)
91 min., 2003
Written by Masaaki Tezuka/Masahiro Yokotani
Directed by Masaaki Tezuka
Language: Japanese
My rating: ★

Godzilla, Mothra and Mechagodzilla together again, for the first time, again…sigh.

* * *

A sub is traveling underwater when Godzilla suddenly attacks it.  We move to the base where Mechagodzilla is being repaired after it’s last battle with Godzilla and meet one of the mechanics that has been working on the project for the last four years.  His name is Chujo (Noboru Kaneko) and while he is at his home with his brother, Shun (Kenta Suga) and grandfather, Dr. Shinichi (Hiroshi Koizumi) they are approached by the Shobijin (Masami Nagasawa And Chihiro Otsuka), who are the voice of Mothra, who tell them that unless Mechagodzilla is dismantled and his bones put back at the bottom of the ocean, Mothra will declare war on humans.  No one seems to believe Dr. Shinichi when he brings the news to them and Chujo decided to disagree with him as well.  When Godzilla finally decides to appear, will Mechagodzilla go into battle, or will Mothra come and save the day?

Now the acting in the movie is pretty darn good.  Noboru Kaneko is great as he is slowly torn between believing in Mechagodzilla and the possibility of Mothra becoming a threat instead of a protector.  Now the rest of the cast is pretty spot on, but there are quite a few scenes where a lot of the extras just don’t seem to be into what they are supposed to be doing.  It doesn’t really hamper the movie that much, but it does get kinda annoying.

The effects are pretty much on the same level as the last movie.  They are really great and the model sets are just awesome, but there is also no advancement in the effects.  Again this isn’t really a problem, but it kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth that they aren’t trying to advance anything and that they are just playing it safe.  In the end they are really great effects (probably the best of the series).

If the acting is really good and the effects are really good, then why did I give it a skull?  Because I’ve seen it all before.  There is nothing new to be seen.  Now Godzilla Vs. Spacegodzilla was really bad overall, but at least there was something new going on.  A new monster, a new plot, etc, and that’s where this movie really fails.  There is nothing new about this.  Now I love Mothra and Mechagodzilla, but my god I’d like to see a new monster every once and a while.  These are two of the most overused monsters in the Godzilla series and it’s getting really annoying that they are falling back onto these classic monsters instead of trying to come up with something new.  It’s really sad considering how cool a new monster would look with the great special effects.

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