The Drudgeon reviews The Gingerdead Man 2 – Passion Of The Crust

The Gingerdead Man 2 - Passion Of The Crust 82 min., 2008
Written by Muffy Bolding/William Butler/Aaron Strongoni
Directed by Silvia St. Croix
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Thank you for another over-the-top Full Moon masterpiece.

* * *

As the movie begins we are introduced to some new puppets.  They are called the Tiny Terrors.  After one of them malfunctions, we pull out and realize that it’s just a film set and everything behind the scenes aren’t going all that well.  Mainly because there is an internet reviewer named DemonWarrior13 who is talking a lot of crap about the movies that are being released through them and he is causing Cheatum Studios to lose a lot of money.  While all of this is going on Kalvin Cheatum (K-Von Moezzi) is still trying to continue on with his father’s work and dream.  A little later that night a woman named Heather Crocker (Kelsey Sanders) shows up from the End Of The Rainbow foundation with a boy, Tommy Hines (Joseph Porter), who is dying and his final wish is to see the Cheatum Studios.  While Kalvin tries to smooth things out with all of his workers (both in front of the camera and behind the scenes), get closer to Heather and make Tommy very happy, the Gingerdead Man finally shows up to cause a whole lot of chaos, and to find a new, human, body.

The acting in the movie is awesome.  Everyone is just having fun with what is going on.  They are taking it seriously but in that “let’s just relax and have a great time” way.  They all deliver their lines with feeling, but they aren’t overacting, which is what happens sometimes when you have a very tongue-in-cheek type of movie.  My favorite was Joseph Porter.  He played the “kid” and DemonHunter13, and he does a great job at both roles.  He’s over-the-top, especially with DemonHunter13, but it’s a completely believable crazy for an internet blogger that has been snubbed by a movie studio and just wants some revenge.  Also pay attention to some cameos by Greg Nicotero, Adam Green and John Vulich.

Okay this movie is done by Full Moon and you can expect effects on the same level as most other full movie movies.  I am the type of person that really loves the cheesy effects that Full Moon always comes up with and this is no exception.  With this movie they make stabs at their own effects with one line about the Gingerdead Man himself.  They are talking about their puppets and ask if he is one of theirs, and the man replies that it’s to silly to be one of theirs.  It’s great when a movie company is able to have fun with their own work.

Like the first movie this one is about a fucking killer Gingerbread Man!  You can’t possibly come up with any good excuse (at least to me) to not watch this movie NOW!  It’s cheesy, funny, well acted and it definitely speaks about how people should be able to make a movie if they want to and that internet reviewers (like us) shouldn’t discourage anyone from making what they want and Full Moon is the perfect example of a company that is doing exactly what they want and they don’t care.  Fuck yeah!

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  1. John Bruni says:

    Please tell me they got Gary Busey back for the sequel. I know he’s a very busy man, but really, this is important.

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