The Drudgeon reviews Zombie Bloodbath

Zombie Bloodbath 70 min., 1993
Written by Jerry Angell/Todd Sheets
Directed by Todd Sheets
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

What the hell did I just sit through, and why do I love it as much as I do?

* * *

So the movie begins at a nuclear reactor and with a bunch of “officials” talking about a leak.  They tried to shut it down but they were too late.  They leave the room and are attacked by a bunch of zombies.  We then jump to two teens, Joey Talbott (Chris Harris) and Mike Walsh (Auggi Alvarez), who get home and want to try out a new video camera.  Joey’s sister, Beth (Cheryl Metz), says that she wants to “play” too.  Beth and Mike fall into a hole and Joey goes to tell his parents, Larry with the Super Mullet (Jerry Angell) and Gwen (Cathy Metz).  They tell Joey to get Mike’s father, Ralph, (Frank Dunlay) to help.  The teens are rescued, but after a little bit of a party, zombies attack everyone.  Gwen’s niece Sherry (Tonia Monahan) shows up a little later and they all try to figure out what the hell is going on.  Is it from the leaking chemicals or was the reactor built on an ancient Indian burial ground?  Do we really need a reason for zombies?

Was the acting in this movie any good?  No.  Plain and simply, no.  Does that make it a bad movie?  No.  Most will watch, see the terrible acting and throw their drink at it, realize what they just did and start cleaning up their mess, turn off the DVD and walk away.  But the bad acting is actually part of the charm of this movie.  You can tell that they probably just read their dialogue right before shooting the scene or that they had some cue cards off screen, but it just feels right.  With a movie like this you can’t expect great acting, but if there is a great actor among the bunch then you’ve found a bonus, but usually there is no great acting to be found.  The best of this bunch was Frank Dunlay as Ralph Walsh and Tonia Monahan who was Sherry.  Frank and Tonia were both taking this stuff very serious and maybe that’s why their performances were pretty good.  Then again there is something to be said about Auggi Alvarez, because every time his character went all kung fu during a fight, he was really into it.  He looked like a kid on the playground that is imaging that he is a kung fu master and is fighting off a bunch of pirates and space robots.  So sad, but so great at the same time, I almost feel bad for him.

There isn’t much to say about the effects other than, WOW!  I don’t mean wow in the, this was awesome sense, but wow in the, it’s interesting that they were able to pull that off with no budget.  The effects aren’t great, but they work well in the movie.  Most of the time it’s someone laying on the ground and covered with “blood” covered “guts”.  Again it works, but it’s really nothing special.  Then again when they have the zombies eat the ass (you see they rip a hole in the ass of his jeans and start pulling out parts of his ass) of Larry, it’s really quite hilarious.

What can I say about a movie that probably had an almost nonexistent budget, no professional actors and (probably) an inexperienced special effects crew?  How about, great job!  Don’t get me wrong there are numerous things wrong with the movie, including everything I just mentioned, but in the end it is just so much fun to watch this insanity that’s called Zombie Bloodbath.  Then again with a title like Zombie Bloodbath, what more should you expect?  It’s a fun movie and if you can get over how low budget it is, you can really enjoy the cheapness of the whole thing.  A lot of fun, but only if you are in the right mindset, and it’s not up everyone’s alley.

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