The Drudgeon reviews Zombie Bloodbath 2

Zombie Bloodbath 2aka Zombie Bloodbath 2 – Rage Of The Undead
98 min., 1995
Written by Todd Sheets/Dwen Doggett
Directed by Todd Sheets
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

A little more polish and more gore makes for some fun times.

* * *

The movie starts with two guys attacking an older woman and man.  Some other people show up, start chanting and end up killing one of them and “turning” the other one into a scarecrow.  We then move to three convicts, Slade (Byron Nichodemus), Rex (Rod Will) and Billy (Mark Glover) escaping from the Kansas City Missouri Municipal Correctional Institution and a man by the name of Connor (Harry Rose) who is being hired to find them.  Next we meet some friends; Donna (Kathleen McSweeney), Sarah (Gena Fischer), Jimmy (Dave Miller), Bart (Nick Stodden) and Jodie (Jody Rovick) are taking a little trip when their minivan dies in the middle of the road.  After a little argument and learning a bit about Jimmy’s father, they decide to walk and hopefully find somewhere with a phone.  They end up finding a house and with no one answering the door, they just enter.  Once inside they find that the owners of the house, except for the kids, have been killed by the three escaped convicts, well two of them as Billy is actually a nice guy and just took the opportunity to escape.  To make matters worse, the man that was “turned” into a scarecrow starts raising the dead and that’s when everyone must fight for their lives.

The acting is pretty much the same as the last movie.  They aren’t all that much better than last time, but it was kinda expected.  Byron Nichodemus plays the murder-crazy Slade really well and makes him fun to watch.  Harry Rose who plays the military man Connor does a really terrible job with this role.  He is trying way too hard and comes off as way too stiff for a movie like this.  On the other side is Jerry Angell (yes, Mr. Super Mullet is back) who is having so much fun with his part that it’s hard to not enjoy his performance.

Now the effects of the movie haven’t really advanced by any real means since last movie, but they are still pretty well done.  Pretty cheesy but nicely done considering how small the budget was.  With some more money in director Todd Sheets’ hands, I think that he could make some really great effects, but until then we have to deal with what we are given.

One of my main problems with the movie is the multiple stories that are going on.  You have the teens and convicts, but at the same time you have two crazy guys “holding up” a diner and at the beginning the crazy cult that we never end up going back to.  The scarecrow guy is another thing that shows up and then just kinda disappears.  Hopefully next movie they don’t have so many movies going on at once and if they do introduce something, they end up going back to it instead of ignoring it.  This is still a fun movie in all its gory and cheesy glory.  The acting and the overall story could use some work, but it’s still pretty good.

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