The Drudgeon reviews The Sinful Dwarf

The Sinful Dwarfaka Dværgen (Original Title)
95 min., 1973
Written by Harlan Asquith/William Mayo
Directed by Vidal Raski
Language: English
My rating: ★★

A dwarf, armpit hair and some really strange children’s play toys.

* * *

We begin with our title character Olaf (Torben Bille) showing a girl a mechanical yapping dog.  He lures her back to his place telling her that he has more toys.  Once there he takes her to a room and hits her over the head with his cane.  We then switch to Olaf cutting open a stuffed bear and some half naked girls.  Next we meet a married couple, Peter (Tony Eades) and Mary (Anne Sparrow) who are looking for a place to stay, unfortunately they end up at a place that is run by Olaf’s mother, Lila (Clara Keller) and Olaf shows them around.  After a night of lovemaking with them not knowing that Olaf is watching, Peter has to go for the day and leaves Mary alone.  As she looks around she seems to be the next on Olaf’s list to be his next sex slave.

Mr. Torben Bille is great in the movie.  He is just great at playing a creepy guy.  All of his facial expressions just tend to make your skin crawl, especially when he is watching Mary and Peter have sex, and it would have been even worse if he was masturbating but luckily he wasn’t.  The other standout was Clara Keller.  She was just as creepy as his mother, but it was more of incest/fucked up parenting creepy.  Now Anne Sparrow and Tony Eades both did a good job, but in the presence of both Torben and Clara they both just fade into the background.

There are very little effects in the movie so I will be talking to you about the birds and the bees.  Okay not really the birds and bees, but fucking.  There is a whole bunch of sex scenes in this movie.  They aren’t on the level of Thriller – A Cruel Picture, but they are really close.  I have no problem with sex scenes, but this movie just had way too many and they didn’t feel very necessary.  Then to top it off, we either cut to Olaf watching the sex or to Lila doing a little song and dance number (no joke).  It’s bizarre and really kinda pointless.

The one part that really shines in the movie is the music.  It’s some really fucking creepy music.  It almost sounds childlike, but there are so much crazy sounds going on that it’s hard to not smile while it’s playing.

I didn’t even know that there was a dwarfsploitation subgenre until I saw this movie.  Now that I know that there is one, I will start looking for some more to watch.  This one as a starter is not the best.  It’s got its sleaze, which is always welcome, but that’s not enough to carry the whole movie.  In the end this movie is for very few people.  It has its fun spots, but there are too few to really make this an all-around fun experience.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    If you’ve never seen FOR YOUR HEIGHT ONLY, you must. It’s not horror, though; it’s a spy movie.

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