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Coming AttractionsNext week’s movies:

  • Freaks [Lackey]
  • House of Voices [Lackey]
  • Parasite [The Drudgeon]
  • Phantasm 2 [The Drudgeon]
  • Popcorn [Jori]
  • Seven [Jori]
  • Sundo [Jori]
  • Zombie Bloodbath 3 [The Drudgeon]

Next week’s features: Blood on the Net–internet short films

Notice: Scott William “Bill” Hinzman passed away on February 5. An early associate of George Romero, he served on the crews of Romero’s first four feature films: Night of the Living Dead, There’s Always Vanilla, Hungry Wives (later rereleased as Season of the Witch) and The Crazies. He also made appearances in front of the camera, most famously as the “Cemetery Zombie” who attacks Barbara and Johnny at the beginning of NOTLD. He later went on to direct two features of his own: The Majorette (from a screenplay by NOTLD co-writer John Russo, who often employed Mr. Hinzman as DP on his directorial efforts) and FleshEater. Mr. Hinzman was 75.

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