The Drudgeon reviews Zombie Bloodbath 3 – Undead Armageddon

Zombie Bloodbath 3 - Undead Armageddon 90 min., 2000
Written by Brian Eklund
Directed by Todd Sheets
Language: English
My rating: ★

Zombies meet The Breakfast Club!

* * *

We start with a few military types fighting off and herding some zombies.  As it turns out they are shot into space but years later they return.  Now in the “present day” we meet our main cast.  In high school detention, in the library, we have the burnout Gavin (Blake Washer), the rich girl Tiffany (Ruth Gordon), the jock John (Phil Wymore), the goth Rachel (Jolene Durrill) and the quiet girl Andrea (Jen Davis).  They are forced by Principal Gordon (Byron Nichodemus) to write a book report by the end of the day.  A little later two guys, Brian (Abe Dyer) and Steve “Skillet” (Curtis Spencer), who work for the school radio station enter the library and ask for the keys from Principal Gordon.  While in the radio room they pick up a strange sound coming from their radio.  They follow the sound until they reach an underground “place” which starts the undead Armageddon.  Can these different classes of teens actually work together against the zombies?

This third installment of the Zombie Bloodbath series has the best acting (if you want to call it that).  That should normally be a great thing, as good acting usually makes for a more entertaining movie.  Instead we get some decent acting that leaves the zombie fun behind closed doors.  Abe Dyer and Curtis Spencer are both really good (okay, as good as you can get in a movie like this), with both of them playing really well off of each other and having a real good time with their parts.  Then we have the breakfast club cast.  The best of that club would have to be Blake Washer (then again he does have the most screen time) and Ruth Gordon.  They have some really “good” back and forth between them and even though they seem to be taking this stuff too seriously, they don’t stick out as much as the rest.

This is the part where I was the most let down.  In the past two movies there was an emphasis on the gore, but in this one there was very little by comparison.  This time around instead of gallons of blood there are only a few pints.  Now the effects are actually better than the last two, but they are actually a lot more restrained.  Instead of guts being eaten like it was an all you can eat buffet, it was more like they were just taking a few nibbles.  So this time they have refined their effects, but in doing so, they have also lost the Zombie Bloodbath feel.

What can I say about the third movie of the Zombie Bloodbath trilogy?  From the get go this was a fun and splatter filled gore fest.  Now at number three the gore seems to have taken a backseat to “storytelling” and “acting”.  I could be wrong, but in the first two movies there was a whole lot of gut munching scenes that were about five minutes each, but now there are very few scenes of organ eating and that really makes me sad.  The movie isn’t really all that fun this time around.  It seemed more of a parody (without the comedy) of The Breakfast Club with some zombies tossed in to keep it in the Zombie Bloodbath series.  Then we have the really bad “loop” ending that really made me want to groan.  As much as I really do love this series, as bad as it may be, this one just doesn’t hold a candle to the first two.

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    If you want some good BREAKFAST CLUB horror (well, it’s more like horror/comedy), check out Chuck Palahniuk’s new book, DAMNED.

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