The Drudgeon reviews Legion – The Word Made Flesh

Legion - The Word Made Flesh 26 min., 2005
Written by Steve Dandois/Robert Sexton
Directed by Robert Sexton
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Short but really good.

* * *

Considering how short the movie is, I’m going to say as little about the plot as I can.  The movie starts with a gypsy woman (Sabrina Bertaccini) performing a form of an exorcism, using an egg to capture a curse that is on a possessed girl (Annie Quinn).  After it turns out that the gypsy is faking the whole thing, we switch to the girls’ mother (Elizabeth Reynolds) and a man (listed as the priest in the credits) (David Stifel) who is helping to take care of her, they are trying to figure out another way to help the girl because nothing is working and the church has turned their backs on them.  The last hope seems to be Brujo (Donald Lopez), but is the price too much to pay?

Throughout most of the movie there is very little dialogue.  There is an exchange between David Stifel and Donald Lopez, which is interesting to me because David Stifel plays it so well and Donald Lopez goes pretty over-the-top, but it works very well.  Then we get to the scene where Donald is doing the second exorcism and as over-the-top as he goes there, it works so well.

The effects of the movie surprised me.  I wasn’t expecting much from the movie, but they use very little actual effects and I think that helps it so much.  The most you really have are the “writings” on the possessed girl, but they never really focus in on them long enough for you to really scrutinize them.

Overall this was a really good short.  It moved along at a good pace and the use of exorcism from a different angle is very interesting.  Then toss in the good acting, minimal effects and a really good ending it really makes this worth a look.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    Dammit. I was hoping this would be a sequel to the movie, LEGION.

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