The Drudgeon reviews Child’s Play 2

Child's Play 2 84 min., 1990
Written by Don Mancini
Directed by John Lafia
Language: English
My rating: ★★

I loved it, but there’s nothing new here.

* * *

After the craziness that happened in the first movie, Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) is now at an orphanage because his mom is in a psychiatric ward because she backed him up with the story about Chucky.  The original Chucky doll has been dug up and is being put back together because the toy company is trying to show the population that their toys are still good.  While putting the eyes into the repaired Chucky, the worker is electrified, so one of the guys that is trying to clean up the Chucky mess (from the first movie) ends up taking the doll.  While this is going on, Andy is now in a foster home with mom Joanne (Jenny Agutter), dad Phil (Gerrit Graham) and another foster kid (okay she is a teen) Kyle (Christine Elise).  We switch back to Chucky (voiced once again by Brad Dourif) who finds out where Andy is now living, so he kills off the driver and goes to the house.  With his new family not believing him about Chucky, can Andy survive another attempt by Chucky to transfer his soul into him?

Compared to last movie Alex Vincent hasn’t improved by any great means.  He’s good, but only good enough.  The new cast does a pretty fine job.  Gerrit Graham and Jenny Agutter are both believable as the foster parents.  They come off as caring, but after it seems that Andy is losing his shit, they react in a very real way.  Now Christine Elise plays the step sister really well, but when she is taking on Chucky that’s where she really shines.  Is it a bit overdone?  Yes, but it’s not by any stretch terrible.  She seems to really let go during those scenes and she is a good counter to Chucky.  Speaking of Chucky, Brad Dourif is still great as the voice of Chucky.  He’s funny and menacing in the same scene and when they have the doll spaz out and Brad starts yelling, it just really works.

The effects of the movie have advanced quite a bit since last movie.  Chucky is so much more believable this time around, with his facial movements being better and even the way that he moves around is a lot more fluid.  The violence is well done, but it does show its age at times.

So with all of this praise, why do I give it such a low rating?  The biggest flaw with the movie is that, story wise, there is nothing new.  It’s Chucky being Chucky and him chasing Andy.  Unlike some other series in the horror genre, this one has a very straightforward storyline.  Chucky needs Andy to get his soul in a human body before he is stuck in the doll forever.  Andy is the only one that he can transfer his soul to because he is the first one he told who he really was.  That is a very confining plot and it does get boring watching Chucky chase Andy again.  It’s a fun movie because Chucky is fun to watch doing his crazy things, but again it’s just a rehash of the first movie.  There is one thing to watch for in the movie.  There is a scene where Kyle and Andy are in the laundry room and Kyle is smoking.  She hands the smoke to Andy and asks him to hold on to it, which he in turn takes a puff from.  Just imagine that in a modern movie!

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