The Drudgeon reviews Child’s Play 3

Child's Play 3 90 min., 1991
Written by Don Mancini
Directed by Jack Bender
Language: English
My rating: ★

Chucky goes to military school?

* * *

The movie starts with the burnt “corpse” of Chucky being scraped off the floor and hauled over a vat that is making a new Good Guy doll.  The blood from the “corpse” drips into the vat and we see a new Chucky being made.  Chucky (again voiced by Brad Dourif) now has a new plastic body, but that’s not what he really wants.  Now it’s been a few years since the last movie and Andy (now played by Justin Whalin) is now entering military school.  Upon entering he needs to get a haircut and the barber, Sergeant Botnick (Andrew Robinson), seems to take too much pleasure in what he does.  While getting his haircut, Andy sees another kid, Ronald Tyler (Jeremy Sylvers), getting excited over a Good Guys commercial.  Andy next meets his roommate, Harold Whitehurst (Dean Jacobson), bound and gagged in a cabinet.  It seems that Harold is consistently picked on by the upper ranked teens, especially Brett Shelton (Travis Fine).  Andy finally meets Brett and from the start they already have their problems.  Chucky has figured out where Andy is, and is on his way to get his “human body”.

As with the other Child’s Play movies, Brad Dourif does a great job as Chucky.  No matter how bad the puns may be, Brad actually makes them hilarious.  The other great actor of the movie is Andrew Robinson.  He plays the sadistic barber with so much glee that it is really creepy.  On the other side of the coin are Justin Whalin and Travis Fine.  Both of them come off as completely amateur and that’s a real problem because they are the main focus of the movie.

Again the effects of the movie haven’t advanced by much since the first movie.  They still work on all levels but I would have really liked to see at least some attempts for better effects.

The biggest problem with this movie is the exact same problem that I had with the last movie.  It’s more of Chucky doing the same things and Andy trying to stop him with the help of a new girl that he found.  I should at least bring up the fact that they finally found a way around the whole “Chucky’s soul can only be put into one particular body” thing.  That gets them out of the corner that they were painting themselves into, but it still just felt very stale.  Putting Andy in a military setting actually makes this even worse, because instead of some of the normal killing methods that take place in a slasher movie, now we get Chucky putting real bullets into a gun instead of the blanks that they were going to use.  To me that is just kinda lame and there is a lot less imagination behind that than other ways of killing that could have been chosen.  I really do like the Child’s Play movies, but this one (like the last) just left a bad taste in my mouth after watching it.  There was nothing new to be seen and even though slasher movies usually do follow a certain path, this one was just too much by-the-numbers for my taste.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    I love Robinson’s speech about why the military insists on such short haircuts.

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