The Drudgeon reviews Bride Of Chucky

Bride Of Chuckyaka Child’s Play 4 – Bride Of Chucky
89 min., 1998
Written by Don Mancini
Directed by Ronny Yu
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Chucky gets an update and fails.

* * *

It’s been a month since Chucky (still voiced by Brad Dourif) died in number three and we first see a cop walking into an evidence room and taking a bag out of one of the lockers.  A little later his throat is cut by the girl that was going to pay him to get the “body”.  Her name is Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) and she was the girlfriend of Chucky before he died and now that she has his body, she has decided to rebuild him and bring him back.  It works and they have a pretty sour reunion because Tiffany thought that he was going to marry her, so she locks him up in a make shift playpen.  He escapes, kills Tiffany and puts her soul in the body of a doll as well.  While all this is going on we meet a boyfriend and girlfriend couple, Jade (Katherine Heigl) and Jesse (Nick Stabile) who are trying to escape Jade’s uncle, Chief Warren (John Ritter).  Tiffany tricks Jesse into taking them to New Jersey where Chucky’s body is buried and an amulet that will put them into human bodies.

The acting in the movie is the best thing about it.  Brad Dourif is still great as Chucky, pulling off all his dialogue (no matter how fucking stupid) with a sense of style and Jennifer Tilly is a great companion to him.  She is having just as much fun with the role as Brad is.  Nick Stabile and Katherine Heigl are also really enjoyable to watch with both of them have really good chemistry, and John Ritter as the asshole uncle is a surprise, but he has no problems.  My favorite by far is Alexis Arquette who plays two roles in the movie.  First is a goth/Marilyn Manson look alike, Damien, that is really a wussy and he also plays Jade and Jesse’s friend Howard.  He is just entertaining to watch in both roles and he has the most onscreen charisma.

The effects of the movie are just terrible.  With several years passing since number 3, I was expecting the effects of the movie to be incredible, but they have aged terribly.  The doll effects are the same as the original and all of the other effects are just really cheap looking and the really bad CG didn’t help in any way either.  Truly sad that a series like this just can’t seem to advance in the effects field.

The biggest disappointments of the movie are the dialogue and overall feel of it.  There comes a time in any horror franchise where they feel the need to update to “modern” times.  They feel the need to make fun of themselves (or the past movies) instead of just being able to carry on.  This one is just riddled with really bad puns and nodes to the past movies and most of them are in really poor taste.  Then they also decided to completely forget about how Chucky is supposed to be able to put his soul into a body and they came up with this really lame amulet story.  In the other movie it was all about getting into a real body and killing anyone that got in the way.  It seemed more like movies about survival than anything else, but this one is a consistent stab in the side that you are watching a movie and getting in as many modern clichés as they could.  It’s like you are on a teeter totter and you are stuck in the air while the fat kid (director and script writer) are on the bottom constantly telling you that you are on a teeter totter instead of letting you have a good time and enjoy the ride.  If it wasn’t for the acting in this one it would be even worse than number 3.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    I love it when John Ritter winds up in weird places. This, SLING BLADE, and BAD SANTA are his finest roles.

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