Curiosities from the DVD Vault: April 2012 [By the Drudgeon]

Welcome back to the DVD Vault!  This time around we are going to be looking through some music videos.  Normally when you think of horror and music you probably think of death metal, black metal, thrash or even country (ha ha ha), but instead of going the really easy route I’ve opted for some of my favorites.

First up is the only metal song that will appear on this post.  It the video And You Will Live In Terror by the band Necrophagia.  This is a bonus feature on the The Beyond DVD.  So the video (as you can guess) is filled with clips from The Beyond, but what surprised me most about this is that it was directed by Jim Van Bebber.  If you don’t know Van Bebber then you are really missing out.  Some of his works include The Manson Family, Deadbeat At Dawn, Roadkill:  The Last Days Of John Martin and My Sweet Satan.  As far as the video is concerned, it’s pretty simple.  There are shots of the band performing (mainly sweaty fat guys) and then about a billion shots of the little girl getting shot in the face, very simple but effective.

Up next is the rock band CKY, which stands for Camp Kill Yourself (how fucking cool is that), and on top of that (at the time of these videos) lead singer Deron Miller is married to Sleepaway Camp star Felissa Rose.  So it’s not a big surprise that most of the music and videos that come with CKY are horror themed.  I’ve chosen two of the ones that I like the most.  First is Escape From Hellview, you see this video is the perfect example of a slasher film slimmed down to the essentials, with teens getting killed by a campfire and a masked killer with a machete (a tiny bit of trivia, guitarist Chad I. Ginsburg accidentally hung himself (yes he did live) during the filming of the video, and they decided to keep one of the shots in the video).  The second CKY video is Shock & Terror.  There are two things (beside the music) about this video that I think are awesome.  First the whole thing is filmed inside one of their friends’ houses.  If you watch the video you will understand just how cool that is.  Second the film “stars” Misty Mundae (she is so fucking gorgeous).  Dead bodies, blood, sparks and coffins mean fun times.  Both of these videos can be found on the Infiltrate•Destroy•Rebuild – The Video Album.

Lastly I bring up the granddaddy of horror themed music videos.  Yep it’s My Heart Will Go On, the horror, the horror!  Sorry ‘bout that.  No it’s Thriller by Michael Jackson.  You see they took a six minute song and turned it into a fourteen minute video.  Pulling from the current horror scene Michael got John Landis to direct (if you don’t know who he is, shame on you), Rick Baker for effects and Vincent Price to provide voice-over work.  Now that’s pulling some strings.  In a mini overview, we begin with Michael and his girlfriend (cough, cough), played by Ola Ray watching a movie about a werewolf.  She gets scared and they end up leaving the theater and that’s when Michael starts singing.  After a little bit zombies start coming out of their graves and Michael turns into one as well.  There is a big dance number and more singing.  There isn’t any gore or any real violence but you can see the impact that this video had on the horror music video.  Top notch even today.  The video can be found on numerous DVDs but the best quality that I’ve found is on Video Greatest Hits – History #2.

Until next time.

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