The Drudgeon reviews Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Episode 025 – Life’s A Masquerade

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Episode 025 - Life's A Masquerade 25 min., 1993
Written by Cheryl Saban
Directed by Robert Hughes
Language: English
My rating: ★★

Really?  Really?

* * *

A little back story on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and me.  I have never seen an episode of the show so there is no childhood love that I feel towards this show.  That being said I know that there are a whole lot of fans out there that are probably going to be offended by the problems that I bring up.  So I say to them, Grow Up!  It’s a TV show from 1993 and no matter how much you love it, it’s a really lame show and has aged poorly.

The episode begins with the Power Rangers in their normal teen “forms”.  We have Kimberly Hart (Amy Jo Johnson) who is the pink ranger, Jason Lee Scott (Austin St. John) the red ranger, Billy Cranston (David Yost) the blue ranger, Trini Kwan (Thuy Trang) the yellow ranger, Zack Taylor (Walter Jones) as the black ranger, and Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank) the green ranger.  They are getting ready for a costume party/contest at their school and the school bullies Bulk (Paul Schrier) and Skull (Jason Narvy) are causing their silly shenanigans.  While all that is going on, the rangers’ nemesis Rita Repulsa (Machiko Soga, voiced by Barbara Goodson) has decided to send a new villain to fight the rangers.  The villain just happens to look a lot like Frankenstein’s monster so he is able to get into the costume party pretty easy.  After a little trouble at the party, Billy follows the monster back to a cave where a fight ensues.  Billy runs away and the team is called together by Zordon (Voiced by David Fielding) to fight the monster that is now extremely tall.  Can the Power Rangers stop the Frankenstein’s monster or will Rita win the day?

The acting is exactly what you expect from a kids TV show from the early 90’s, being hammy and full of really bad dialogue and jokes.  Does that make it bad?  Yes It Does!  Shouldn’t I be a little nicer considering that it’s a kid’s show?  Fuck You!  There have been dozens (okay maybe just a few) of kids shows that have good acting and great dialogue so I think it’s perfectly acceptable to say just how terrible it is.

The effects are another thing that just makes me cringe.  You see the Power Rangers can call upon Zords (giant robot beasts) to aid them (think the Voltron lions) then the Zords can combine together to form a bigger robot called a Megazord (again think Voltron) and lastly as they are the Megazord they can call upon a giant sword to help in their fight…Wait!  What The Fuck!  This is just fucking Voltron, but live action and really poorly acted.  Holy shit why didn’t I see this before?  I cry foul!

In closing I’m just going to bring up a few problems with the episode that really had nothing to do with the acting or the effects, except for the monster that continually changes from one form to another, and yes I do understand that there is both American and Japanese footage going on, but that is a really poor excuse for letting that slide.  I’m even going to let a lot of the childish jokes go without getting angry because it is a kids show, but there are two scenes that really have me scratching my head.  Now there is a scene at the costume party where the monster is “dancing” with a girl and everyone is watching.  So what is so wrong with that you may ask?  Nothing except for the fact that the monster is throwing punches at this girl and everyone is just watching.  Really?  Is the beating of women, even in public, an extremely common occurrence in this world?  Because if you notice, the time when they react is when Bulk and Skull are attacked.  So if a woman is being almost beaten in public that is perfectly fine, but there is no way that two asshole males are going to get hurt.  Really?  That is just fucked up.  Another thing that really bothered me, okay not really bothered but more concerned about, is when Alpha 5 shows up and after a little time he is being pawed by three girls.  Really?  It’s like he’s a fucking pimp.  Plus who the hell would find that thing hot enough to grope?  That is just a really bizarre scene.  I really hope that Hunter doesn’t find another Power Rangers episode that is horror (and yes this is really a stretch even for me) themed, because I don’t know if I can handle another one.

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4 Responses to The Drudgeon reviews Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Episode 025 – Life’s A Masquerade

  1. Hunter says:

    No…….There is another……

  2. John Bruni says:

    Well . . . women aren’t really people, right? They’re just belongings for those of us who drink Dr. Pepper 10. On a side note, I wish my school had bullies named Bulk and Skull when I was a kid.

  3. Lackey says:

    I really hope that Hunter doesn’t find another Power Rangers episode that is horror (and yes this is really a stretch even for me) themed…

    From what I can tell, individual Power Rangers episodes aren’t straight remakes of the original series episodes; they use footage from multiple episodes. And apparently the Frankenstein Monster is a recurring villain. So, yeah, potentially there are dozens of episodes loosely qualifying as “horror.”

    • Andy Koenigs says:

      The Frankenstein Monster wasn’t really a reoccurring character in Zyurangers. He only appeared in the first 2 parts of a 4 part episode. Frankenstein does make a cameo in the MMPR episode “Gung Ho” in the background of Rita’s palace.

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