The Drudgeon reviews The Puppet Monster Massacre

The Puppet Monster Massacre 70 min., 2010
Written by Dustin Mills
Directed by Dustin Mills
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

The bad side of the tracks on Sesame Street.

* * *

Before I begin I do want to tell you all that yes this is a horror movie with puppets.  So when I have a name in the (), that means that they are the voices.  So when it comes to the acting I will be talking about their voice acting and their delivery of lines, not “actual” acting.

We begin with an unnamed hunter (Dustin Mills) who finds a penguin in the middle of the forest.  He talks to the penguin and says that he is going to take him home, but that is when it attacks.  When the hunter wakes up he realizes that he is tied up. That is when he is approached by a scientist, Wolfgang Wagner (Steve Rimpici), who tells him that he is being used as an incubator for a creature, and then suddenly the creature bursts from his mouth.  We then jump to a guy named Charlie (Ethan Holey) who is told by his Gramps (Bart Flynn) that he has mail.  It seems that he is being offered a chance to win one million dollars if he can stay in a mansion for one night.  It turns out that there are three others that have also been given this opportunity, including Charlie’s friend (and hopefully girlfriend) Gwen (Jessica Daniels), hardcore but not long lasting Iggy (Bart Flynn) and super geek Raimi (Dustin Mills).  Iggy’s girlfriend Mona (Erica Kisseberth) decides to come along as well.  They all get to the mansion and meet with Wolfgang Wagner.  Can any of them survive the night and why does Wolfgang have a penguin named Squiggums?

The voice acting in the movie is great.  All the players turn in great performances but my favorites are Steve Rimpici as Wolfgang Wagner.  He plays the part with an actual passion behind it.  Yes they are puppets but he really does seem to hate the others and have it in for them, but then he turns to Squiggums and you can feel the love that he has for him.  It’s kinda creepy.  Dustin Mills brings us one of the best “geek” performances that I’ve seen in a long time.  Raimi (with is a great nod in itself) is the quintessential geek, bringing up the quotes and references to other horror movies, plus he lives in his mom’s basement.  It seems overdone in other movies, but you can feel a love behind the character instead of straight up mocking.  Jessica Daniels also pulls in a solid performance.  The only one that seems out of place is Ethan Holey.  I’m not saying that he was bad, but it seemed that his voice was very distant.  It’s almost like his mouth wasn’t close enough to the mic.

There are two main “effects” of the movie.  First there is the CG, which is just okay, but then again you shouldn’t look too deep into that, because the CG actually works to the advantage of the movie.  It makes the puppets stand out and adds a little bit of cheesy to it.  The second “effect” of the movie is the puppets themselves.  When I heard about the movie, I was expecting some really shitty sock puppets, but instead we get an eyeful of beautifully crafted puppets.  They look like they could have actually come from an episode of Sesame Street.  There is little else I can say about them; because that is the best compliment I could ever give a puppet.

With a name like Puppet Monster Massacre I was expecting a low budget pile of crap, but was I surprised and completely entertained.  The voice acting is great with Steve Rimpici, Jessica Daniels and Dustin Mills pulling in superb performances and the effects, as simple as they may seem, work with very little flaws.  This is a movie that I could suggest to almost everyone.  It’s funny, silly and over-the-top in all the best ways and the fact that they are puppets makes it ten times more entertaining.  Plus there are puppet boobies and Squiggums!  Awesome!

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