I was outside, posting blogs.

Coming AttractionsNext week’s movies:

  • Bloodlust Zombies [The Drudgeon]
  • Horror of Dracula [Lackey]
  • Kidnapped (aka Secuestrados) [Lackey]
  • Interview with the Vampire [Hunter]
  • The Seamstress [Jori]
  • Troll 3 [The Drudgeon]
  • Two-Headed Shark Attack [The Drudgeon]
  • 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams [Jori]

Next week’s TV: The Vampire Diaries: “The Night of the Comet” (S1E02) [Robin Franson Pruter]

Next week’s features: Coverage of Sci-Fi Spectacular 6 [Lackey]

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