Blick Tolkien reviews The Walking Dead – Episode 012 – Secrets

The Walking Dead - Episode 012 - Secrets 45 min., 2011
Written by Angela Kang
Directed by David Boyd
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Not that book about the laws of attraction, I promise.

* * *

Show Premise:

Sheriff Rick Grimes after waking from a coma, finding his family and a small group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world. He attempts to lead his family and survivors to safety at Fort Bennett after the CDC and its lone scientist are destroyed, but are sidetracked searching for Sophia.


The following review is rated SIN (Sincerely Intrigued Negro), it contains several rants that appear at random. The views here do not reflect the thoughts of a completely sane person. They are being presented by a person of African-American descent who has grown up in a rather unseemly portion of town, taken recreational narcotics and has been molested by a clown. Feel free to skip certain paragraphs, if you simply want a recap and continued review of the episode. Hipster, child, feline and vegan discretion is advised.


My reviews aren’t just my flighty and half sane opinions; they are also full episode recaps. So like my spear chucking ancestors, I usually take a stab at sprinkling my thoughts in here and there. So be advised, this episodes’ got spoilers.

The way the search for Carol’s daughter Sophia is going I think they have a better chance of finding the screw Shane lost or Merle Dixon first. Glenn, having found out the barn is full of zombies’ last episode and that Maggie knew about it is obviously unsettling him. He’s also holding onto Laurie’s secret about the baby that she hasn’t told Rick about yet. Carl wants to learn how to shoot and since the whole group is supposed to get in some gun practice Shane of course was put into the position of asking his parents to Laurie’s dismay. He goes and Andrea seems to be a natural sharp shooter. Shane takes her for some personal instruction and steps over the line by mentioning that the target is the walker that got her sister Amy. Shane makes up for it by taking her with him on the only lead they have thanks to “Head Wound Daryl” finding that doll to a housing development upstream from the embankment he got it from.

Glenn spills the beans to Dale and Dale in turn tries to get Hershel and Laurie to come clean. Neither do, but Maggie is pissed at Glenn for tattling and Laurie asks him to make a run back to the pharmacy since he wants to help out. Maggie gets attacked while looking for one of the pharmaceutical items on Laurie’s list and Glenn has to come to the rescue. It turns out she had Glenn going to snag some morning after pills so she can abort Rick/Shane’s baby. Meanwhile, Shane and Andrea go house to house finding no evidence that someone small or a child may have passed through there. Soon after, they are swarmed by walkers and Shane takes this opportunity to give her a second crack at hitting a moving target before they book it out of there and she is scary good after she nails the first one. They mount up and decide to have some near death adrenaline laced sex in the car on the way back.

Glenn gives her some prenatal vitamins and leaves the fate of the baby in her hands Jigsaw style. “Live or die, make your choice.” Then like 15 minutes later she takes the pills… jigsaw is disappointed. After Shane and Andrea come back radiating afterglow to deliver the bad news to Carol, Dale calls Shane on it. He tells him he can just leave since he was planning to. He isn’t shy about bringing up the near Dick Cheney moment in season 1 where he was gonna snipe Rick in the woods or the vague description of Otis’s last moments. So Shane goes all psycho face and tells Dale that if he thinks he would kill his best friend what would he do to someone else hurling accusations that he doesn’t even like.

The episode ends with Rick finding the plan b pill cases empty in his tent and confronting Laurie who had thrown them up moments later. They talk and he convinces her to keep the baby but asks her to come clean about any other secrets so she tells him that not only was she boning Shane but it may be his baby.

The episode is teaching some moral lesson that no secret will be left secret so you may as well just be honest. However honesty has made for some pretty pissed farm hands and Zombie apocalypse survivors and is placing a wedge between lots of folks as well. I’m waiting to see if they ever find this girl. This episode put her missing more as a plot device to get some bonding time in with Andrea and Shane. No one really seems interested in finding her but Daryl or Rick. Her mom flip flops between having faith she’s alive and knowing she’s dead. Sophia is supposed to be the focal point here but it’s becoming more about building more partnerships and the relationships that already existed being torn apart or tested. It is keeping the level of drama high but leaving the level of content and storytelling on the low side. Overall not bad but I wouldn’t give this a 2nd watch if I were you. It would get a 2 and a half stars if I could but we will call it at a low 3. I did get some audio from C2E2 where the characters that play Glenn and Maggie did a panel and will try to work the relevant info they shared in one form or another soon so keep checking the podcast and the reviews for the Q&A. Speaking of which, next review is episode 7: Pretty much dead already so I’ll see you gore hounds for that. Until then, may all your films bring fright.

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