The Drudgeon reviews Bloodlust Zombies

Bloodlust Zombies 80 min., 2011
Written by Dan Lantz
Directed by Dan Lantz
Language: English
My rating: ★★

If you can overlook the amateur look you can find a really fun movie.

* * *

We start with four people talking to another man about how they have finished most of the testing on a new chemical that is supposed to help American soldiers.  They decide to celebrate and have some drinks in the office.  The secretary named Andrea (Alexis Texas) goes to see the main man Bobby Lee (Robert Heath) and they start to have sex.  They knock over the speaker phone and everyone, including the office pervert Darren (Adam Danoff), the woman who he works across from Sandra (Sarah Dewey) and the manager Judy Miller (Janice Marie), gets to hear.  While laughing one of the scientists accidentally knocks over some of the vials that contain the chemical.  After checking it seems that everything is okay, that is until one of the infected cats attacks and so begins the zombie infestation.  Is anyone brave enough to take on the zombies or are they all going to run and hide in the security guards’ station?

When I first started watching the movie the acting made me cringe, but as it went along I understood that, even though most of it was terrible, it fit the whole feel of the movie.  That being hammy and cheesy.  No one here is a professional actor with the possible exception of Alexis Texas who is a porn star (it does take some real acting chops to always look interested in sex with some of the movie’s nasty looking guys), that acted in such classic movies like, Party Of Feet 3 (???, yes let your mind wander), Dirty Panties, Pretty Sloppy 4, Slutty And Sluttier 14, Big Ass Crackers, and probably her best known work as Buttwoman.  So you can guess that they weren’t looking for the cream of the crop when they did casting.  She isn’t terrible but then again she isn’t good by any means.  The only real standouts are Lauren Todd as Libby The Temp and Adam Danoff.  Adam plays the “always-daydreaming-about-his-co-workers” perfectly.  Then when he gets attacked by a pretty much fully naked woman zombie, he has troubles shooting her because…well there are boobs.  Really funny shit!  Lauren Todd is good as the shy looking girl who is ready to pick up the nearest gun and kill some zombies.  She plays her part with gusto and it really works for her character.

The effects are pretty lame with most of them happening off screen, but the stuff that is shown really shows the movie’s budget.  Then again the feel of the movie is cheese so most of the time the effects work to that benefit.

As I have said, this movie is all about the cheese and that is exactly what you should expect.  Cheese and nothing but.  There are a lot of funny scenes and a bunch of scenes that poke fun at themselves, which drives home the cheese feel.  My favorite scene is where Andrea and Bobby Lee are having sex and he asks, “Who’s your daddy”, and when Andrea responds with “you are”, he stops and says that that makes him sound old.  Then they have a bit of an argument.  It’s really quite funny.  This is a fun movie if you can get into the frame of mind that this movie is looking for.  Will everyone like this?  That is a complete no.  Then again there is a lot of fun to be found throughout the movie, you just have to be ready for the tone.

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