The Drudgeon reviews Nazis At The Center Of The Earth

Nazis At The Center Of The Earth 89 min., 2012
Written by Paul Bales
Directed by Joseph J. Lawson
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

The Asylum actually makes a fun movie!  The world must be ending.

* * *

The movie starts with some Nazis moving a canister-thing onto a plane when the Americans start to attack.  Among the Nazis is Josef Mengele (Christopher Karl Johnson) and as the plane is taking off he hops aboard.  We then switch to modern times, in Antarctica, where two doctors, Paige (Dominique Swain) and Mark (Adam Burch), are “drilling into the ice.”  Something happens where they hit some metal and as they move the snow out of the way they uncover what seems to be the wing of a plane.  Just then they are knocked out by some Nazi soldiers in gas masks.  We then move, still in Antarctica, to a man, Lucas (Josh Allen), who sees one of his students almost drop a petri dish of a flesh eating virus.  He gets mad and confronts the man that brought the virus there, Adrian Reistad (Jake Busey).  After some heated words a girl rushes in and tells them that Paige and Mark haven’t reported in.  They go and check out where they last were and find blood and footprints.  Following the footprints they end up at a giant pit (and sadly there are no Tra-La-Logs) and they proceed down.  They get to the bottom and find that there is a forest and some buildings.  They approach one of the buildings and they are confronted by a bunch of Nazi soldiers and the angel of death himself, Josef Mengele.  Can a handful of doctors take out the coming Fourth Reich or will Mengele finally spread the master race across the world?

The acting in this movie is just rotten.  Now it’s nowhere near terrible as 2-Headed Shark attack, but it’s pretty close.  Actually I shouldn’t be so harsh overall.  Christopher Karl Johnson does a really good job with his portrayal of Mengele and Jake Busey plays one of the best evil men that I’ve seen in a long time.  When he wants something, there is nothing he won’t do to get it.  Now all the “good” guys are just pathetic when it comes to their acting, especially Josh Allen.  He tries to give this “speech” about how the bad guys are going to win if we don’t do anything and it’s about as encouraging as a really bad kick to the crotch.

Okay this movie is by The Asylum so by this time I know exactly what to expect.  Bad CG and some pretty decent blood effects.  That is exactly what I got this time around, except that the blood effects were a lot more involved this time and when they rip off a characters’ face it looks fucking cool.  Spoiler – When Cyber-Hitler shows up it is so fucking silly, but at the same time it is so fucking awesome.  It’s like they took Wolfenstein 3D and turned it real (or as real as they could get it).  Spoiler done.  Truly some good times with the effects this time around.

The Asylum has finally released a movie that isn’t complete shit!  Then again with a title like Nazis At The Center Of The Earth you know exactly what you are in for.  I expected nothing more than what I got and that is completely fine in my book.  Then we have a great evil duo of Jake Busey and Christopher Karl Johnson who knock it out of the park.  This movie is just a lot of fun.  Get some popcorn, some friends, a few drinks and be ready for a blast.  It’s nice to see Nazisploitation making a comeback.  They are just a great villain that you can do countless things with, and this is proof.

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