The Drudgeon reviews High School Of The Dead – Episodes 004-006

High School Of The Dead - Episodes 004-006 25 min., 2010
Written by Yōsuke Kuroda
Directed by Tetsurō Araki
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

The story continues, but too many boobs appear in one episode and they seem to be losing focus.

* * *

At the end of episode three Takashi and Rei have been separated from the rest of the group that are still on the bus with Shido and his group of students.  Now begins their journey to get back together.

Episode 04 – Running In The Dead

Episode four begins with a pretty long recap of all the shit that has been going down.  In between bits of the recapping they show some new stuff that is going on, but when the recap is finally over we see that Takashi and Rei are on the bike and riding through the city.  They decide to stop for some gas and while Takashi is inside the store, breaking the register to get money for the gas, Rei is attacked by a knife-wielding man.  Takashi comes out and a standoff ensues.  The man taunts Takashi and feels up Rei but ends up taking it too far because Takashi ends up pulling his gun and shoots him in the shoulder (this being the first living person that he has ever shot).

My biggest problem with this episode is the extended recap of what happened in the past three episodes.  Now I understand the need to remind you of what happened last week (assuming that you are watching this only once a week), but there is no need to remind us of the first and second episode.  At least they toss in a few new bits during that time.  Not the strongest episode but I do like how they are showing that the zombies aren’t the only thing that they have to worry about during all of this.

Things we learn this episode about these zombies.


Episode 05 – Streets Of The Dead

The episode starts with a plane trying to take off but the runway is full of zombies.  We then meet a female sniper named Rika Minami (Junko Takeuchi), who takes out the zombies so the plane can leave.  We learn that she is good friends with Shizuka who is still on the bus with the rest of the students.  On the bus Shido is giving a great speech about how they need to stick together and anyone that leaves is no longer considered an ally or worth saving.  Saeko, Takagi, Kohta and Shizuka decide that they want no part of the “cult” that Shido is starting and start to leave the bus.  Shido states that it’s fine for the kids to leave, but Shizuka, being the nurse, can’t leave.  Kohta gets angry and fires a nail at Shido, scratching his cheek.  They leave the bus and start trying to find a way across the bridge.  The big problem is that the cops aren’t letting people through that easy and the people are getting upset.  Finally Takashi and Rei meet up with the rest of the group and they find that Shizuka’s friend’s apartment is nearby.

Good episode overall.  Some of the best parts of the episode are when Shido is giving his speech to the kids on the bus and when he is compared to a cult leader, it just makes perfect sense.  The other part of this episode that I really liked was all the dealing with the people and cops on the bridge.  I could really see that happen in any country.  Everybody wants in but the cops have to be careful.  Very nicely stated in this episode.

Things we learn this episode about these zombies.


Episode 06 – In The Dead Of The Night

At the apartment where Shizuka’s friend stays, the girls decide to have some fun and get clean.  While they play around the boys are trying to get a gun locker open.  They found bullets so there must be guns around.  They get it open and Kohta loses his shit because there are a bunch of guns in there that are illegal to own, but he knows everything about all of them.  While that is going on the tension on the bridges is getting worse.  There are people that are rallying to be let in and the cops are starting to lose ground.  The main officer gets word that they can use whatever force is needed to make sure that everything is under control.  The officer goes up to the main protester and shoots him in the forehead causing people to realize that the cops now really mean business.  Back at the apartment the girls are done with their bath and Shizuka ends up groping Takashi and gives Kohta a kiss.  Takashi puts her to sleep and has a talk with Rei which causes him to get really mad and he tells Rei exactly how he feels.

This is the worst episode of the series so far.  The bridge scenes are great and they do a really good job of showing the lack of trust that people have for the police/government.  Then they turn around and have a ten minute session of naked girls grabbing each other (okay it is only Rei that is grabbing everyone’s boobs) but it just felt really pointless.  Maybe they were trying to show that even through all this shit they could still feel safe.  But even if that was the point it was way too long and drawn out.  Then again for an animated woman, Saeko is really hot and she can kick my ass any day.  (Is that normal?)

Things we learn this episode about these zombies.


The show is still really good, but with episode four being an extended recap and with episode six being pretty much a boob fest it’s starting to feel like they might be losing focus, especially with episode six.  The one thing that I would say to them (the writer/director) is, don’t sacrifice the great story and characters you created and water it down with boobs and ass shots.  It has enough going for it that they are really pointless.  A little T&A here and there is fine, but they seem to really be overdoing it right now.  Here’s hoping that the next three go back to the feel of the first three.

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