The Drudgeon reviews High School Of The Dead – Episodes 007-009

High School Of The Dead - Episodes 007-009 25 min., 2010
Written by Yōsuke Kuroda
Directed by Tetsurō Araki
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Two new members join and someone’s secret past is revealed.

* * *

So because of a dog outside of the apartment where they are staying, the zombies are now being lured to them.  With the apartment loaded with supplies, guns, ammo, warm beds and running water will they leave to find their relatives?

Episode 07 – Dead Night And The Dead Ruck

We begin with Kohta, Takashi and Saeko talking about how things have changed and Saeko tells Takashi to look around and realize that they can’t save everyone.  As Takashi watches the chaos through some binoculars, he sees a father and daughter run up to a house.  We switch to their view as the father is pleading to let at least his daughter in.  The door opens and the father is killed.  As the daughter cries over his body the zombies are now alerted to her presence and start their approach.  Takashi and Kohta decide that they can’t just sit back and let the little girl die, so while Kohta takes out zombies with his guns, Takashi will ride the motorcycle to go and get her.  There is a problem with the rescue when Takashi falls off the bike and the exit is blocked by zombies.  The girls spring into action and get the Humvee rolling.

The best part about this episode is that it goes back to the “normal” formula of the series, story over boobs.  Don’t get me wrong there will always be bouncing boobs and panty shots, but at least it’s not like last episode.  Now there are two main things that happen in this episode.  First we meet two new characters, the young girl, Alice (Ayana Taketatsu), and the dog, Zeke (Hitomi Harada).  The second is that the characters are still human after all.  After all of the chaos, they feel that most of their humanity is lost and that they need to only protect themselves.  But it’s Kohta that snaps everyone out of it.  Takashi asks him what he’s doing and he replies that it’s just a little girl.  That’s all that they needed to hear to realize that they are still human.

Things we learn this episode about these zombies.

There is nothing more that we learn until further notice.

Episode 08 – The Dead Way Home

The episode begins with an outside shot of Air Force One and next we see that the president has been bitten, though not turned yet.  After a little of that we switch back to the main cast who are traveling and singing (okay only Kohta and Alice are singing).  Once across the river the girls decide to finally get changed out of their extremely revealing clothing.  They start heading towards Saya’s house, but once they really start their trip there, they realize that there is wire spread across the street and in an attempt to not hit it Shizuka quickly turns.  The Humvee skids so she hits the breaks, which causes Rei to fly off the roof and crash to the ground.  Everyone is shocked by what happened but once they see the hoard of zombies that are approaching, they realize that they are in some deep shit.  The outcome is looking really bad and everyone thinks that it’s pretty much over, that is until Zeke runs out of the car and bites one of the zombies.  Takashi and Saeko take his “advice” and run headlong into the hoard.  Swinging wooden sword and rifle to try and lure them away from the rest.  The bad part is that it doesn’t seem to be working and most of the hoard is still heading toward the group.

This is another good episode that is overshadowed by more bouncing boobs.  This time there is no actual nudity, but the ending scene where they are trapped by the zombies and Takashi is firing the gun that is still strapped to Rei, and each time he fires they emphasize her boobs reacting to each shot and it just really took away from the tension that was being built.  As I have said before, take out the fan service and this would be one of the best animes out there.

Episode 09 – The Sword And Dead

With Takashi and Saeko separated from the rest of the group they are forced to try and make it to Saya’s house with no help.  Takashi comes up with an idea to find another motorcycle but Saeko brings up a good point about riding a motorcycle and fighting which just won’t end well.  She finds an amphibious vehicle that works a lot better.  They end up on a sand dune and get to talking and Takashi learns that Saeko did like a man at some point but something didn’t work.  After leaving the dune they get into a little trouble and end up having to go on foot.  Saeko starts taking down zombies left and right until she is about to strike down a child zombie and then she freezes.  After Takashi shoots it in the face, they take refuge in a temple.  They get to talking and we find out that Saeko was attacked at one point when she was young and she used her wooden sword to pretty much murder the man.  That is the reason that she could never be loved by a man, because she took great pleasure in killing that man.  After some talking and Takashi taking responsibility for her actions from this point on, Saeko finally lets go (now with a real sword).

This was a good episode because you actually learn about one the characters’ past.  It’s interesting and nice to see Saeko, who is always so calm and collected, lose it and freeze up.  We learn that she has been controlling her killing urges just to be accepted and because she is ashamed.  Then, just like last episode, they toss in this strange scene where Saeko is still holding back so Takashi grabs her boob, squeezes it (pretty much to the point where it looked like a balloon about to pop), and explains to her that it’s okay to let go.  Sorry but the boob grabbing was just pointless.

In the end these are a good batch of episode with more of an emphasis on story and character than boobs.  But then the boobs make their appearance and the story is cheapened.  Again get rid of the god damned fan service and this show would be phenomenal.

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