The Drudgeon reviews Gingerdead Man 3 – Saturday Night Cleaver

Gingerdead Man 3 - Saturday Night Cleaver 78 min., 2011
Written by Muffy Bolding/William Butler
Directed by William Butler/Silvia St. Croix
Language: English
My rating: ★

They tried too hard to focus on everyone but the Gingerdead Man.

* * *

The movie begins with a woman going to see the Gingerdead Man (voiced by William Butler) who has been confined to a mental institute for insane pastries.  During her talk with him a bunch of hippies break in and free all of the pastries because they think that the pastries are actually animals that have been experimented on.  The Gingerdead Man gets away and ends up in a room where they are testing time travel.  Why are they doing this in the same building as where they hold crazy baked goods is just as much a guess to me as it probably is to you?  Then again let’s just reread my question.  No answer needed.  So, back to the movie.  He grabs the controller and gets sent back to 1976 in the middle of a roller disco.  The place is owned by Trixie (Kent Fuher) who is having a final roller-skating contest because the place is closing down.  Her niece, Cherry (Paris Wagner), is also there and Trixie has forbidden her from skating because it will corrupt her.  Two kids end up getting their hands on the time travel device and disappear, leaving the Gingerdead Man trapped.  What will he do being surrounded by a bunch of roller-skating weirdos?  Kill them of course!

As with the last movie, everyone isn’t really taking this shit very serious.  The big problem with this movie compared to the last is that last movie they were still having fun with their roles.  This time everyone just seems extremely bored and most of the dialogue is just lame.  Don’t get me wrong there are still some great one-liners, but that’s about it.  Another problem is with the one-liners.  The Gingerdead Man is nothing but one-liners and that’s about it.  Now I’m not saying that in the last two movies he was this deep thinking haiku spewing intellectual, but he had a little more than just one line here and there.  There seemed to be more of a focus on the “story” instead of the lead character.

The only thing I will really say about the effects of this movie is CG, CG, CG, CG and more CG.  I remember a while ago when Lackey and Jason were talking about Thankskilling and Jack Frost and how they thought that if they turned the turkey and snow man into CG that it wouldn’t work as well.  This is another time where they should have left it how it was.  CG just makes the Gingerdead Man look even sillier than he already does.  It just felt really unnecessary.

In the end this whole movie was just unnecessary.  The jokes are even lamer than ever and the dialogue was just stupid.  Unlike the last Gingerdead Man movie where they were having a great time and it was a great way to say that they just don’t care what anyone else thinks, this time there was no love.  Even the kills had nothing behind them.  Most were drawn out too long and the amount of CG used just made them look even sillier then they actually could have been.  In fact this movie could have been a real blast if they had a little more fun.  They end up bringing Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson into the mix and normally that would have been awesome, but even that craziness felt half-assed.  I could be wrong and they could have been having the best time of their lives, but that’s not the feel I get from the movie.

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