The Drudgeon reviews High School Of The Dead – Episodes 010-012 And OVA

High School Of The Dead - Episodes 010-012 And OVA 25 min., 2010/2011 (OVA)
Written by Yōsuke Kuroda
Directed by Tetsurō Araki
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

The series finally comes to a conclusion and a bonus OVA to boot.

* * *

And the series ends here.  After all of the episodes, do I walk away fulfilled or is there a lack of conclusion?  So far most of the episodes have been great.  Good characters and a great story, but the absurd amount of fan service that is in each episode just grates on my nerves.  So here are the last of the episodes and the OVA that was done a little later.  Please enjoy my last reviews of High School Of The Dead.

Episode 10 – The Dead’s House Rules

It’s been a day since the group has gotten to the home of Saya.  Everything seems to be hunky-dory because they have all the supplies they need, protection, nice showers and places to sleep, but problems are starting to bubble to the surface for the high schoolers.  While working with his guns, Kohta is talked down to by an adult and while two men are moving a box, Takashi attempts to help but they tell him to leave it to the adults.  Saya brings everyone (the high schoolers) together to talk about their options.  Should they stay with the new group or should they go out on their own?  A little bit earlier Takashi was talked to by Saya’s mom and asked if he could persuade her to stay, but Takashi doesn’t really think it’s the best idea.  After an argument between Takashi and Saya, we learn that everyone is missing their families which makes it seem like they are going to be leaving.  A little later Kohta is being bullied by the adults because he won’t give up his guns to them.  Is this the final straw that makes the high schoolers leave?

This is an all-around good episode.  It’s nice to see how the kids have survived so much and dealt with the chaos with a pretty adult attitude to them.  Then when they get around actual adults they are just looked down on and no one takes them seriously.  They also toned down the fan service in this episode (except for the beginning) and focused more on the actual feelings of the characters.

Things we learn this episode about these zombies.

Again, there is nothing new to learn.

Episode 11 – Dead Storm Rising

This episode begins with Shido talking to the students that he “saved”.  While talking we see a kid trapped outside the bus yelling about how he won’t talk back.  Shido ignores him and he is killed.  From there we see Saya, Takashi and Kohta talking (well more arguing) with some of the other survivors.  There is talk about how it’s just a disease and then some of them start talking about how they are being kept there by force.  The three walk away and we then see Saeko getting an extremely nice sword from Saya’s father.  After that Rei finally confesses her feelings to Takashi and tells him that he is the only thing of importance to her.  A little later Takashi talks to Saya’s father and tells him that he and Rei are going to be leaving to find their families.  He tells him that they will be leaving in two days; in turn Takashi says that they will be back and if they don’t return then don’t wait.  As they are leaving Rei runs towards the door with her gun drawn and we see Shido and the students have appeared at the house.  Saya’s father tells Rei that it’s her choice to kill him or not.  Rei refuses and Shido and his students are told to leave.  In the final scenes the president finally gave the order to fire.  From a sub a missile is fired into the sky.

Like last episode the fan service is mainly only in the beginning and the rest is story based.  Then again the fan service in the beginning of this episode is actually pretty necessary, because we get to see exactly how Shido is leading these kids and how much he is taking advantage of them.  I like how we finally find out exactly why Rei hates Shido instead of us just guessing.  The ending of the episode is really great.  You are kind of left with your jaw open wondering if this is really how far it’s come in such a short amount of time.

Episode 12 – All Deads Attack

So there are missiles flying through the air but luckily there are some counter measures where warships shot down all the missiles.  Well not all of them.  The one that got through ends up exploding in the atmosphere.  This causes an electromagnetic pulse to knock out all electronics and causes Shizuka to lose connection with her friend Rika.  The other problem is that it kills most of the power to vehicles.  We see Shido’s bus driving downhill and it no longer works.  It crashes into a barricade giving the zombies easy access to the house.  Because there are so many zombies, they end up breaking through their iron gate causing everyone to freak out.  With no power to the house they started to use candles and with the zombies now walking freely they end up knocking over candles igniting the tents that hold most of the survivors.  With zombies roaming free and everything going up in flames Saya’s parents decide that it’s time to leave.  We learn that Saya’s mom has also been trained in the use of firearms which makes Kohta almost lose it.  Saya’s parents tell the high schoolers that they are to go their own way and to stick together.  The high schoolers get in the Humvee (which was not affected by the EM pulse because of triple copper plating) and as they leave we see Saya’s parents fighting and then a zombies appears and blood goes flying, leaving the question of their safety.  The series ends with the high schoolers on the highway that is filled with destroyed cars and zombies.  They leave the Humvee and start their next journey.

This was a great ending to an overall great series.  Seeing Saya’s parents and how they handle their daughter is pretty interesting.  You want to hold your child and be there for them to the very end, but sometimes the best thing for them is to sacrifice yourself so that they may prosper.  It’s nice to see parents actually care more about their kids then themselves and not be able to be the ones that can really take care of them.  Like the last two episodes the fan service is very limited and the focus is on the story.  That is one of the reasons that it ends on such a strong note and the overall ending is a really nice nod to another zombie film.

OVA – Drifters Of The Dead

The OVA begins with an overview of the series (which does poke some fun at itself) and how all they have been doing is running and battling.  It turns out that they ended up finding a boat and end up landing on an island.  We get to see everyone in their new bathing suits and it’s decided (through some trickery) that Takashi and Kohta will go hunting for some supplies because the shack that they found only has some bottled water and rations.  While hunting we get a bunch of girls in bathing suits and splashing.  But there is no food to be found on the island, that is until Kohta shows up with a bunch of fish that he caught.  While cooking everyone starts to smell something and feel a bit funny and that’s when Shizuka announces that the smell is Hydrangea, which can cause hallucinations.  But in the case of this group, all of the girls start to get really horny and go after Takashi, and Kohta is having some strange Vietnam flashbacks.  Hilarity ensues and everyone has a sexual hallucination.  After the credits we are told by Alice that the island is actually connected to the mainland by a cave and that they still aren’t safe.  She also says “To be continued”.

Really pointless except for the comedy and even that leaves a whole lot to be desired.  Nothing really more to mention and end of story.

Things we learn this episode about these zombies.

First, it’s not official that zombies can’t cross the water on their own.

The show is over and my overall reaction is that this is a really great horror anime.  You have the fan service which gets annoying, but you also have a really strong story that keeps everything going.  The characters are very well written and fleshed out really well, and you have a bunch of different types of characters from the dumb blonde to the bad ass purple haired girl.  I would suggest these to most people that are fans of horror or anime because it really does bridge the gap and it’s really accessible to everyone.  An interesting thing about the show is that there are a few things you can learn from each.  Such as EM pulse and in episode 10 I finally learned where the term Mutiny On The Bounty actually came from.  This is really a great series just ignore the OVA because it’s nothing but 16 minutes of fan service and we got more than enough throughout the series.

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