The Drudgeon reviews Disciples Of The Crow

Disciples Of The Crow 30 min., 1983
Written by Stephen King/John Woodward
Directed by John Woodward
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

A great short film that shows some real promise.

* * *

So our short begins with a kid (with the biggest birthmark I’ve ever seen) doing some ritual with a cross.  We then move to a bunch of kids giving up corn and other things to some unknown power.  We then see a kid named Billy (Steven Young) in church where he and the other kids start nodding to each other.  Later that night Billy goes to his mothers’ room with an axe and as he is about to strike her down, it cuts to 1983.  A couple, Vicky (Eleese Lester) and Burt (Gabriel Folse) are driving and arguing.  They hit a kid and upon inspecting the body Burt finds a dagger in the kid’s back.  We also see Billy is now grown up (John Woodward) and realizes that trouble is coming.  While driving Vicky seems to be losing it as she starts laughing at all of the signs along the road.  What will they find in an empty town, friends or enemies?

The acting in this short is very interesting.  I want to look at it and complain that it isn’t professional, but at the same time it really works.  Eleese Lester and Gabriel Folse both play their roles very well and have good anti-chemistry together.  You really can feel a hate between them.  John Woodward does a pretty good job, but he is kinda stale at times.

Now considering the budget and time of the movie, the effects of the movie are adequate.  Nothing great, but then again I’ve seen a whole lot worse from bigger budget films.

The only real problem I have is with the relationship between Vicky and Burt.  There is a real hatred between them and you never really understand why.  So from the get go you just really dislike the two of them.  But on the plus side is the soundtrack, though it is rough in some spots it still works really well.  Being dark and bizarre it is very memorable.  Now my favorite scene is the trashing of the car, it is intense and very nicely done.  Another thing that surprised me is the overall look of the film.  It’s a student film but it comes off very professional.  A real good find.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    Eh, this review is too favorable. In all honesty, I think it’s impossible to do something good with “Children of the Corn.” I’m not even sure if I enjoyed the actual short story all that much. DISCIPLES OF THE CROW is a part of a King movie anthology called NIGHT SHIFT (big surprise there), and the real gem of those short films is THE WOMAN IN THE ROOM, directed by none other than Frank Darabont (it is, in fact, the movie that started their friendship).

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