The Drudgeon reviews The Veil – Episode 007 – Summer Heat

The Veil - Episode 007 - Summer Heat 25 min., 1958
Written by Rik Vollaerts
Directed by George Waggner
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

A nice tale of the unexplainable.

* * *

We first are greeted by Boris Karloff telling us about how the tale that follows is one of those that have never truly been understood or explained and that the story is based on real accounts.  So the episode begins.  A man named Edward Paige (Harry Bartell) comes home to his apartment where outside a couple of women complain about the heat.  While in his apartment and looking out his window, he sees a man sneaking into a room across the way.  A blonde woman (Vici Raaf) comes out of a room and the man attacks, kills and robs her.  He runs to the police to explain what he has just witnessed.  Upon getting to the apartment, with Lt. Davis (Paul Bryar), where he saw the crime happen, it turns out the apartment is empty with no people and no furniture.  It turns out that no one has been living there for a while.  He is taken to Dr. Francis Mason (Boris Karloff) to recount everything that happened.  Did Edward Paige see an actual crime happen or is it just the summer heat?

Considering when this show was made I was expecting the acting to be really over the top and more on the hammy side, but to my surprise the acting was great.  Harry Bartell plays the character of Edward with complete believability.  He knows that he has seen something, no matter what anyone else thinks, but he doesn’t run around trying to prove it.  He just continues to believe in what he saw and tries to go about his life.  The other standout to me was Gene Collins who played Ralph Kerwin, the killer.  He plays it up a bit during the interrogation scene, but it actually works to the episode’s benefit.

Now the episode had almost no effects, but there weren’t any needed and if they added anymore to the episode it would have ruined it.

Having never heard of this show until about a month ago, I was surprised at how good The Veil is.  The acting has some rough spots but that’s okay.  The story has some touches of Hitchcock and some Tales Of Tomorrow tossed in there, but it feels like its own show.  Boris Karloff being part of the show adds a nice touch of familiarity because he is so well known.  After watching this one episode I am actually really excited to watch the other episodes and you may actually see some of them reviewed for the site.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    THE VEIL was good, but I’m more of a THRILLER kind of guy. By the way, did you know that Karloff had a comic book series? Not the THRILLER one, but another one called BORIS KARLOFF’S TALES OF MYSTERY. They’re actually pretty good. I have a ton of ’em. People are starting to remember the series, so they’ve started releasing trade collections.

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