The Drudgeon reviews Children Of The Corn II – The Final Sacrifice

Children Of The Corn II - The Final Sacrifice 92 min., 1992
Written by A.L. Katz/Gilbert Adler
Directed by David F. Price
Language: English
My rating: ★★

A sequel that really adds nothing new to the first movie.

* * *

The movie begins a few days after the original movie where people have found a bunch of the dead bodies of the adults that were killed.  The last of the remaining Gatlin children are now being shipped off to the neighboring town of Hemingford because the adults believe that they were only convinced to take part in all of the chaos and they didn’t actually kill anyone.  While this is going on we meet John Garrett (Terence Knox) and his son Danny (Paul Scherrer).  They are spending some time together because Danny’s mom is getting married and he and the groom don’t get along all that well.  The big problem is that Danny doesn’t like his dad either.  While driving they see two of John’s rivals.  You see John used to be a professional writer but now he writes for one of those Inquirer types, so his “friends” have a habit of mocking him at every turn.  They end up in Hemingford and staying with a woman who has taken in one of the Gatlin kids named Micah (Ryan Bollman).  Micah is starting getting the cult back together and he wants Danny to be part of it, but does Danny have enough hate for his father to kill him or will he come to his senses and save his father?

The acting of the movie is overall pretty terrible.  Actually I shouldn’t say terrible, I should call it more of bland to cliché.  No one seemed to be trying and the ones that were came off as more of a joke than anything else.  Paul Scherrer always goes over the top and makes his character the least believable and Terence Knox was just as bad because he always had a look on his face like he was about to poop.  Now on the opposite side we have Christie Clark who plays Danny’s love interest Lacey Hellerstat.  She was one of the few that seemed to be trying to be remotely believable.  She was good but that’s about it.  Now in the middle we have Ryan Bollman.  You see Ryan is probably the best actor of the group because when he is playing the scenes where Micah is just staring menacingly at anyone, he is great.  He gives off the creepy vibe that can send chills down your spine.  Then he turns and tries to give a powerful monologue and he just fails.  He goes full bore, but it just comes off as silly instead of moving.

The effects of the movie are pretty much what you should expect from a movie like this.  Flying corn stalks on wires, blue screened storm clouds, strange filters to represent looking through He Who Walks Behind The Rows’ eyes and some blood.  Nothing great, but then again everything seems to fit very nicely into the movie.  Then again most of the kills are very quick and they don’t tend to hang on the dead for too long, and if they did I have a feeling that I would have noticed more wrong with them than I did.

Now the movie is pretty much what you expect it to be, pretty darn poor.  The acting was bad and the effects were pretty bad, but the biggest problem of the movie is that it seemed that they didn’t know exactly what direction they wanted to go in.  They end up giving us three different reasons for why the children are doing what they are doing, and they seem to be taking away from the original, especially by tossing in a stupid drug (from old moldy corn) as one of the causes.  It was annoying and it also feels like a copout.  Now this movie has one thing in it that bothers me and it has been building in me for a while.  Why is it that every time we have Native Americans in a movie (and I know that not all of them are this way, but it just seems like it) they always seem to be right about what is going on.  They actually seem to be without mistake.  Is it America’s way of apologizing for destroying them and their land?  If it is, then they are not doing that great of a job.  If anything I’ve just been getting more annoyed by the know-it-all Indians.  This is one of those and it’s really no different.  Mr. Frank Redbear pretty much knows that something is going on and his ancestors painted some stick figures on a rock so therefore it must be true, and of course it turns out to be.  LAME!!!!!!

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  1. John Bruni says:

    Technically, the name of the town is Hemingford Home, which is also the hometown of a very old lady by the name of Mother Abigail. Or maybe that’s on a different floor of the Dark Tower . . . .

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